Alicante Airport

Alicante Airport
View of Alicante Airport

Alicante Airport (airport code ALC) is also called El Altet. Now it is one of the biggest airports in Spain.

A busy airport.

Presently Alicante airport is in the top 50 of Europe busiest airports.
More than 80 % of the passenger flights are international.
In the past , , Alicante Airport handled 10.000.000 passengers.
Now , Alicante Airport it is classified as the second busiest of the group of airports in Europe, with between 10 and 25 millions passengers per year.
Only Cologne Bonn grew more  over this period. Malaga airport in Spain and  Palma de Mallorca followed.
In the present, security concerns means that part of the leisure demand to external markets  will continue to shift towards the EU destinations and in sum their airports.
More specifically  the North African destinations  have suffered from the continuing instability. As a result  the holiday takers  choose Spain and the Costa Blanca.
Furthermore, the airport has recently been improved by a new terminal that replaced the old one.

Location Alicante Airport

In the first place, the airport of Alicante is 10 km southwest of Alicante city.
In addition, the airport is the gate way to Costa Blanca, Costa Azahar and Costa Almeria.
Besides, there are a great number of international passenger flights from all over Europe.
Most of the flights are tourism and come from West and North Europe.
But the airport is also attractive for national flights. For instance, the flights to Madrid, to Barcelona and to Palma the Mallorca are popular destinations.

Of course Alicante airport handled a passengers flight . But also 2500 tonnes of cargo a year.

At the present time, Alicante airport has three terminals. The new terminal is in a L shape.
Now, the airport offers several floors.
Below there are bars, shops and restaurants. Also a pharmacy, post office, car park and tourist information.
Beside this there are also duty-free shops which offer an large selection of items. Like there are : music and electronics, library , fashion. But also wines, watches or perfumes.

Airlines Flying into Alicante.

In the present Ryanair flies into Alicante from over 26 routes. Operating 166 flights a week.

Flying from Belgium to Alicante.
At the present , there are different options to fly into Alicante from Belgium.
First of all over 5 Cities have direct flying routes into Alicante.
In Particular, these cities are Ostend, Brussels, Charleroi , Luik and Antwerp.

Flying from Ostend (Oostende) to Spain El Altet.
Jetairfly offers flights  3 days a week. Jetair even increase the capacity in the summer.

Flying From Brussel to Alicante Elche AIrport.
Four flying companies are flying directly to the Airport.
In fact, this companies are Vueling, Ryanair , Jetairfly, Transavia  and Brussels Airlines.
Vueling is the low coast company of Iberia.

Next, Brussels Airlines flies  2 days a week to the Airport of Alicante. They uses an Airbus 319.

Getting to and from Alicante Airport.

In spite of that the Alicante airport is so import .The only way to get to the airport is by road.
We hope that in the next years they will be a train. But till now, there is no train.
At this moment the road to the airport is the N 338.
This road connects the airport with the different motorways. The N 332 is the old highway from Cartagena to Valencia.
The N 340 leads to Murcia.
The largest motorway nearby the airport is the A 7 is the “Autopista del Mediterraneo”  or the Mediterranean motorway.

Now you can get to Alicante city with a taxi. So a taxi takes you to center in about a 15 minutes and cost about 25€.
Next, from the airport of Alicante,  buses are leaving in several directions. Benidorm, Alicante ans indeed also , Torrevieja schedule.
In brief , the mayor international companies of car rental have offices in the airport. Like Avis, Europcar, Hertz and others.
In fact you can hire at the airport but you can also  pre-book a car online.
But in the first place compare the different prices.

Check out our page on Car Rental

Alicante Airport Supermarket.

Presently a  supermarket is open in Alicante-Elche airport.
So you can buy some quick groceries when you have an early or late night flight.
It is in front of  the car rental services.
So, it is accessible by travelers and non travelers.
The size of the supermarket is around 80 square meters.
In fact  the supermarket offer a little range of products. From food and drinks, to mobile phone and some basic medication.

Kiss and FLY Parking.

Recently a new car parking opened  . Because it  makes it able to drop off the passengers without the risk of a fee.
At the front you can park for free at the new parking for 15 minutes.
Now in the new parking there are 80 parking spots.  Even though after the 15 minutes the fee is immediately 1.90 euros.

Tip Fly parking

If yo stay over this free allowance you will be charged 12 cents from the first minute.
So for instance we did pay nearly 4 euro for a half hour.:-(.
So, the next time we parked the car in the short term park.
The charges are much more cheaper.
For instance for the same half hour we did pay 1, 30 euro.
So if you think you may longer than the 15 minutes go straight the  short term car park.

Airport Parking Alicante Airport.

The airport offers several parking options.
Indeed you have the choice between  ” First class “car parking, “long-stay” parking or” general “parking.
In fact  for long-term parking, garages in the area offer a cheaper option. Usually these garages offer a free shuttle service to the airport.
To conclude choose the parking or in Spanish “aparcamiento “,  which suits you best and save time and/or money.

Longterm parking
There is a option to park your car for two years for 400 € at the ParkandGo.
There are more than over 1000 outdoor spaces and more than hundred covered parking places.
Minibuses do the shuttle service  between the parking and the airport.
Seven days a week , 24 hours a day. For customers there is also a free carwash , a waiting room with drink and eat facilities.
The booking can be done by smartphone.


In spite of all this possible guests, there are no hotels at the airport or nearby.
In fact the closest solutions is “Holiday Inn” in  Alicante .

Shopping and restaurants, bars.

Finally “Costa Blanca Plaza” is the shopping and restaurant area of the airport.
But first you have to pass the douane .
On this floor there are many  bars side by side . Such as Starbucks, Valor, Saboramar, Burger King…

For the shops see below 🙂

Furthermore also nice  shops, restaurants, press and indeed also a pharmacy.
But also the nice gift shops offer a large selection of items: music and electronics, Spanish fashion, wines, watches, perfumes.
The last point to buy some souvenirs.

Personal shopper

You can discover a new shopping experience  at the airport with the  help of a Personal Shopper. This service is free.
So it is a great opportunity to go shopping at a selection of top brand stores.
For instance : Boss, Armani Exchange, Calvin Klein, Superdry, Guess,Lacoste , Samsonite or Kipling.
Furthermore there are shops from Desigual, Swaroski, Victoria Secret, Wekkend Max Mara , Trucco or Natures.
But also a large choice of accessoires like ” Parfois’ or Sunglass hut.
So get a personal assistance with Duty Free and Tax refund.

You find her in front of the alicante Duty free store. Nearby the Starbucks.

Apersonal shopper

personal shopper


In brief you can not store baggage at the airport due security reasons.


First, on the check-in floor and in the arrivals Hall in the center there is an information desk about the airport .
On the ground floor close to the arrival gate a Tourist Information is available.


Naturally there is special parking spaces are near the entrance. So disable passengers can be easily dropped off nearby the entrance of the terminal.
While wheelchairs are available nearby the entrance. Additionally, the  airport has large wheelchairs ramps and adapted elevators and toilets.


Low down, in the ground floor of the terminal is located a pharmacy. And the next important , its is open from 7 to 23.
Nearby is a 24 hours first’s aid post.


03195 EL Altet , Alicante , Alicante, Spain

902 404 704

News about Alicante Airport.

Now Alicante airport hit the 12 million passenger mark. Thanks to this the airport now becomes Spain 5th busiest airport.
In the first place: , Madrid. In the second place Barcelona El Prat. Then Gran Canaria, followed by Malaga.
Of course British tourist are leading. Followed by the Spanish tourists, on 3 the place the Dutch people, then the German tourist, the Belgians and the Norwegians.
All over across Spain the rise in tourist sector is noticeable.

Train  airport Alicante .

In spite off it all , there is a lack of a rail access to El Altet.
Besides, it is very strange that an airport with more than  12 million  travelers  has not a train or tram to reach the airport.

Till now, you have first need to Alicante city. From there you can go to different places.
But , there is a bus line , the C 6 bus service.
So, this bus service runs between the airport terminal and Alicante city center. Also, the bus runs every 20 minutes. Every day of the year.
The bus stops at the RENFE train station , but also at the other locations around Alicante.

In the past, the national government for Spain local trains overlooked the Alicante project.
For many travelers is a big disappointment that there is no rail link between the city and the airport.
Above all this is a discussion, who started already  in 2010 !
The bizarre thing is that the Alicante Murcia train line us only one kilometer away.
On the million cost would be offset by a potential seven million passengers each year.

Bus Alicante airport Torrevieja, a success.

Bus Alicante airport Torrevieja is a huge success among travelers and people who rent houses in Torrevieja or Orihuela Costa.

Torrevieja bus
Torrevieja bus

In the present , there is a daily service.
It takes about 55 Minutes between the airport of Alicante and Torrevieja. Meanwhile the bus is fully capable of taking a lot baggage. So you don’t need to worry about your big bags filled with scuba equipment.

During  the summer season a bus drives every hour but we posted the bus schedule down this page.
In brief the bus is the really the cheapest way of transport  to get Torrevieja.

Costa Azul bus.

The Company of the bus is  called “Costa Azul”. Indeed keep an eye on the buses with Airport Shuttle Costa Azul on it.
Because you can book the bus ticket directly from the bus driver, it is for most people very attractive.
Meanwhile in the summer season there is also a ticket sailing office in the airport. In front of the arriving zone.

bus alicante airport torrevieja
bus alicante airport torrevieja

Indeed the residents or the tourists who go to spend their holidays in Torrevieja or Orihuela Costa can use the bus service.
If you want to read more about Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa find more  on our page : Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa  .

Never the less a direct bus service bus Alicante Torrevieja Alicante El Altet Airport is not a luxury. It is even very popular.
About 18 percent of all travelers arriving at the airport, have the region of Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa  as destination.

In the past, many of them had to take a taxi for 50 €.
In fact,  it was sometimes more expensive than the price they had paid for their flight with their low coast fly.
As you can read, the new bus Alicante Torrevieja  will even contribute to the growth of tourism in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa.

In brief, the bus Alicante airport Torrevieja is a very cheap and easy way to get to your holiday destination .

Bus stop at Alicante airport.

The bus stop is just outside the departure hall at level 2 .
Take the elevator to the departure hall.
The bus stop Alicante airport is at the end of the departure hall.
The bus company “Costa Azul “ is running several times a day the distance  of 63 kilometers and also the trip back.

The service that offers the bus line  Alicante Torrevieja is “direct “with 3 bus stops and its rides 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
The bus runs through the A-7 and stops in Santa Pola, La Marina, Guardamar and Torrevieja.
Equal important : the bus is accessible for wheelchairs.
And at least the bus has a large luggage space.

A new look for the Shuttle bus Alicante airport Torrevieja . 

In particular Torrevieja has a  new bright and breezy airport shuttle. Presently it is colorful designed by the graphics artists of the town hall’s tourism service.
In fact, they hope that the attractive bus will encourage more tourists to use the bus and visit the region.
Immediately,  it will allow people to identify very quick their bus in the airport.

Bus Alicante airport to Torrevieja

Daily starting from 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00  12:00  13:00  14:00 16:00 17:00  18:00 19:00  20:00 22:00
In blue from 1st April  to 31th October .

Departure and arrival in the bus station of Torrevieja , Calle del Mar 50

Arrival and departure in the Alicante airport in the second floor.

Bus Torrevieja to Alicante airport

Daily starting from 7:00 9:00 10:00   11:00 12:00 13:00 15:00 16:00 17:00  18:00 19:00  21:00
In blue from the 1st April till 31th October
Departure and arrival in the bus station of Torrevieja , Calle del Mar 50

Arrival and departure in the Alicante airport .

Bus Alicante Torrevieja
Bus Alicante Torrevieja

It take you to your destination in one hour to get there. The bus run inland via the A7 highway.
Not on the N 332 ( old route ) . In fact, so the bus avoid traffic delays in the summerseason on the N 332.

Departure and arrival point:bus Alicante airport Torrevieja

The most important,departure and arrival point is the Torrevieja bus station. Calle del Mar, 50.

Ticket Price: € 8 from kinds older than 4 year and adults . The little ones are free. Some drivers ask for the ID.
Pensioners get 30% discount when there are living in the Valencian region.

The tickets are for sale in Torrevieja bus station and in the airport. You can also pay the driver.
Furthermore , you can buy the tickets online.

Also important , the buses are handicap accessible. Furthermore there is free WiFi and enough space for the luggage.

On the one hand the bus is an cheap way to get to the airport or Torrevieja.
On the other hand, when you have a low cost flight it is possible that your plane land after 22:00.
Equally important is that the bus is popular. So sometimes the bus fills up very quickly in the summer season.In fact, then you have to wait for the next bus.

This page on the web is not update daily with the information on the bus Alicante airport Torrevieja.
See for daily details  Costa Azul :  965 710 146

Prices of a Taxi Alicante Torrevieja.

In fact the Price of a taxi from Alicante El Altet will cost you about  65 euros. While the biggest advantage of the taxis are that they can be pre-booked. And will take you quick to your final destination.
Naturally  this might be a good option to consider when you are with 4 or more people and share the price.

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