Benidorm Water Parks, Mundomar and Aqualandia

First, Benidorm water parks  are the city top attractions.
The best is: there is not one but  several splendid water and theme parks : ” Aqualandia” park  “Mundomar”, Terra Natura, Aqua Natura and Terra Mitica.

To start , Benidorm is located in the North of the Costa Blanca.


The whole Costa Blanca is one of the most important tourist areas of Spain.
More  specifically, the region of Alicante is popular by many tourists.

As a result , that water parks  are one of the things who could not stay away from city.
As we already mention : there are several water and theme parks in Benidorm
To sum up : Mundomar, Aqualandia, Terra Natura and Aqua Natura .
Beside this, there is also an Amusement Park called Terra Mitica. Is an ancient time theme park  also sure worth the visit .

Aqualandia Waterpark
Aqualandia Waterpark

“Mundomar”: one of Benidorm water parks. 

First Mundomar, it is one of the Benidorm water parks in the province Alicante .
Besides, Mundomar is also an animal park.
Going to Mundomar is a journey in wonderland for children small en great.
Indeed, it is an adventure in a fascinating water world, with plenty of beautiful marine and exotic animals.
For instance the birds you can see are  : wild swans, all kind of  parrots, different species of ducks, pelicans, beautiful pink flamingo’s and many other sorts.

The best  in Mundomar are  dolphins and sea lions.
Of course , they are one of the main attractions.

Mundomar sealions Benidorm water parks
Mundomar sealions Benidorm water parks

But  there is also a Parrots show.
Those crazy birds let every one smile .

Even if there are many visitors, Mundomar is a cozy park not too large with very nice panorama’s.
Several times a day there are shows of dolphins , sea lions and  parrots shows.

Even when it is hot, it is nice to walk in the hilly park not far from Benidorm.
Disabled people can hire mobility scooters.

Sea lions show.

The story of a pirate captain  who needs sailors to go with them on an adventure.
Naturally, the adventure of a hidden treasure and only found with a map.

And who are the new crew members ? Indeed the friendly sea lions!
It is a great show filled with fun and laughter.
And don’t miss the sea lions, there are beautiful animals.
Or, perhaps you might be chosen to join the sailors.

There are two shows a day. In the morning at  12.15. In the afternoon at 18. 30.
Check the hours in the brochure. Because, they can change seasonally.

The Dolphin show.

The best, the dolphins show make  the day unique.
The dolphin show  is a 45 minute water play  with a team of well-trained dolphins and their coaches.

Mundomar Dolphins Benidorm water parks

Mundomar Dolphins Benidorm water parks

The dolphins are learned to swim synchronous with their trainers. It was complex and simple in the same time.
When you are enjoying the show,  you will be amazed  by this lovely creatures.
You will love  it,  to be so  close to them.  Because, the dolphins are so beautiful and charming.

If you look at them,  it is like they always smile.

And in every show, children are selected to go in a little boat pulled by the dolphins . Indeed, an unbelievable experience.


The trainers have respect for the dolphins which reflects in the performance.

After the show, we were able to have a picture with a dolphin.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Swimming with dolphins in Benidorm water parks.

One of my dreams was  swimming with dolphins, even this is possible at Mundomar .
It is a superb experience which lasts about one hour and I will never forget it.
If you can afford it or you save on other things (180 €),  the swim is a really worth the money.
And it’s a once  in a lifetime experience.

Children can also swim with sea lions for approx.  40 minutes for 45 €.

When you like animals , Mundomar is the  place to be.

Mundomar Benidorm water parks
Mundomar Benidorm water parks

In fact, it is really  fun to go with children.
Indeed, good value for money.

There are two shows a day
Check the hours when you are entering the park.

Parrots show.

See the parrots close in a free flight show full of obstacles and tests.
It is fun to see the colorful birds doing their tricks.
Besides, there are three performances a day.

Check the hours in advance.

Opening hours.

Daily open from 10.00 to 19.00


Calle Sierra Helada.
03503 Benidorm.

How to get there ?

First by  car:
If you are coming from Valencia or Alicante by the AP7 take the direction Benidorm Levante. After the toll, pass the first roundabout.
Then turn left at the second round about.
Go straight along the National Highway until the first traffic lights.
Than turn rights.
You have passed the Benidorm Palace on your rights.
Then go ahead until you reach Mundomar.

Mundomar is situated behind the norther end of Playa Levante, in the Rincon de Loix.

Then by taxi :
It is very easy to go their by taxi.
Buses are trying to sell you also the tickets to the nearby Aqualandia.

Combination Ticket Benidorm water parks

If you don’t want to spend a whole day in Mundomar , you can easily combine the family trip with “Aqualandia”.
Side by side , “Aqualandia” and Mundomar are  located on the same road.
So if you like to visit both. In fact, it is a money saver to buy a combination ticket allowing you to go to both theme parks.

While , the park shares and free 50,000 square meters parking with Aqualandia

Price Mundomar.

Entrance.  Summer 
Adult : 40 €
Junior/senior : 30€.

Again try to have a reduction card , or try to buy your tickets online

Aqualandia : one of the splashy top Benidorm water parks

Is the biggest  and oldest Benidorm water parks located in the Costa Blanca.
In the beginning, it  was the first water park in Spain ( 1985).

Now, is a splashy entertainment  for summer fun.
So, the park covers an area over 150 000 square meters.
And tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
For instance,  by using recycling the water in the park which has it origin from the sea which has been cleaned and purified.

Aqualandia Benidorm
Aqualandia Benidorm

Furthermore , Aqualandia claims to be the largest waterpark in Europe.
So, if you are a water fan enjoy Aqualandia.
In brief, you will get  wet, it is wild and it is fun for the all family.

Further you can spend easy  all day in the park .
But it is also great for a family trip.

Indeed, there’s a great choice of attraction in the water park.
In fact , over 25 rides and areas.

For example, an enormous Atlantic wave pool, beaches, caves of Niagara, springboards and laguna’s.
The youngest can enjoy them self in Adventureland.
The older children chose attractions as the Kamikaze and the Black Hole. With such names  there are high adrenaline attractions.
The Big Bang, is one of Europa’s highest chute ride.

In brief , Aqualandia has something for every one.
As we said before the water in Aqualandia is  salty water also  in the slides.

If you go with the family, there are lots of sunbeds to use when you want a break and just relax and enjoy the surrounded landscape.


In fact, the price food in the park is comparably with the prices with other parks.
So, it is quite expensive.
But that should not be a problem because “Aqualandia” got plenty of good picnic areas. So, if you want  you can take your food and drinks with you.

Aqualandia Benidorm
Aqualandia Benidorm


When you’re in the water it is better to rent a locker. So you can keep your valuable things safe.
If you want a  water ring for the slides or the pool, you can also rent or buy one in “Aqualandia”.
While, we think that there are better and cheaper rings in the many shops in Benidorm.

If you don’t want to spend a whole day in “Aqualandia” , you can easily combine the family trip with “Mundomar”. So you get the most of the Benidorm water parks!
Again, Aqualandia and Mundomar are next door to each other. So if you like both it is a money saver ,to buy a combination ticket allowing you to go to both theme parks.

Other services

To sum up,  picnic areas, souvenir shop, photography, cash dispensers, locker hire, safe deposit boxes, hire of sunbeds and swimming floats.

Aqualandia Benidorm water parks
Aqualandia Benidorm water parks

Again, if you go to Mundomar then you will get a discount on your ticket for Aqualandia
Also, check at your hotel of on the beach promenade. Because,  there are often discount vouchers.

Also important, there are several self-service restaurants.
Including a snack bar, barbecue, pizzeria, burger restaurant, various kiosks, ice-cream, coffee shops, pancakes and kebab stalls.

Aqualandia Opening hours.

In summer, the water park is open from mid May to September.
Instead , Aqualandia is closed in the winter.

Aqualandia address .

Sierra Helada s/n

How to get to Benidorm water parks ?

By car
First, if you are coming from Valencia or  Alicante by the AP7 take the direction Benidorm Levante. After the toll, pass the first roundabout.Then turn left at the second round about. Go straight along the National Highway until the first traffic lights. Then turn right. Now, you have passed the Benidorm Palace on your rights. Then go ahead until you reach Aqualandia.
While, the water park shares and free 50,000 square meters parking with Mundomar.

By bus
From the center of city there are buses to the water parks .
As a result that buses are nearly full during the summer.
In fact, you have to wait till  the next bus arrive.

By taxi
Instead, with a family don’t cost much more than the bus.

Prices :
First adults = 40 €.
Then children = 30€.

To conclude Benidorm water parks

As you can see, Aqualandia is very cool for water lovers. Besides  in the summer there are very long queues for the slides.
In fact, it is splashy fun for every one.
Besides, its has received a winning  award  for its thrill filled excitement and  splashy entertainment from a well known traveler site.

Tips for other parks ?

First : Terra Natura is more a new generation zoo in Benidorm.

Terra Natura
Terra Natura

Then Aqua Natura is a splashy  water park for  young and older.

Next is Terra Mitica. A theme attraction park who takes you back to the ancient Rome and Egypt.

In brief, it will be difficult to chose !

Gandia Water Park

Gandia water park will open according the Spanish press in 2017. The park will be located near the main beach or Playa of Gandia.
Gandia is located in the region of Valencia. Gandia is situated between Valencia and Alicante at the Costa Blanca. So they are sure of a very good climate.

The water park will be built and operated by the White water group. This investment group has already enormous water parks. The parks are located in Dubai, California and Ibiza.
The water park will cost between 25 and 40 million dollars. The most of it has been invested by private sponsors.
According to the latest plans, the park will be an investment of 35 Million euros.
Lately a design of the park has been released.

Gandia Water Park
Gandia Water Park

The park will generate between 300 direct jobs and 1800 indirect job. So that is good news for the region.
This will also increase the possibilities for local investors and shops to open new businesses.

The water park will be built and operated in less than 30 months which is quite ambitious.
Until then the closest water parks are in Benidorm and the water park in  Torrevieja .
This water park could be a major tourist attraction in the region. This would generate a lot of indirect income for the local people.  Hopefully the plans for this water park will continue so we can soon update the article. We will give you more information about the attractions and opening hours.

Opening date Gandia water park.

According to the latest rumors the park should be opened for the summer season of 2017.
But this mostly depend on the problems. Such as with permits and delayed due to the construction firms.  Local governments have agreed to get the permit ready before May 2015.
Hopefully this doesn’t become another problem amusement park that will be never build. Like it’s happening with the current developments in the Paramount Park in Murcia.

We follow the news on the Spanish press and hope to report further developments.

Gandia Water Park
Gandia Water Park

Terra Mitica Amusement Park Benidorm

Terra Mitica Amusement park is a theme park nearby Benidorm right in the heart of the Costa Blanca.
As theme parks are all time favorites and very popular to have a nice family day out.
In fact, Benidorm has several theme parks like Aqualandia, Mundomar and many more .

Terra Mitica
Terra Mitica Amusant Park

Important , the Costa Blanca have long touristic season.
Because the weather is perfect 320 days of sun.
So there are  warm springs, hot summers an a nice autumns with little rain .
As a result that  you can enjoy this park  nearly the all year round.

During november holiday  we visited the theme park.
In fact, the park was plenty of pumpkins, witches, Dracula’s and spiders. But before planning a visit in the winter check the website for the openings hours and days.
Because there is a winter season closing.

First of all, the park  is the most popular theme park at the Costa Blanca. If you are looking for fun and exciting,  it  is the place to be.

Terra Mitica, Ancient Mediterranean world theme park.

Presently the park is  build around theme of the ancient Mediterranean world.
In fact, it is located on  hill-side, so you can enjoy the view of Benidorm beaches and the skyline.
Now it has new attractions and a new hotel on the doorstep.

In brief, the park is full with roller coasters, rides and live entertainment.
The most spectacular shows  are in the the Roman Circus.
Gladiators in the arena.
But you can also enjoy  the Greek labyrinth. Or  Cleopatra spectacle on Egypt.

Children at Terra Mitica.

In sum there is something for every one and this makes this trip a great day for all of the family.
For the younger children, there are 20 children rides which are replica’s  of the adult rides and attractions.
For instance , children have their special area in Rome with small-scale replicas of the real larger rides.
Indeed the young children can enjoy as much as the parents, and have side by side the fun and the kicks .
Most younger adults come for the adrenaline rush of the roller coasters and the trill of the high altitude rides.
From the  rides which gives you goose bumps to the relaxing spa pools.
Indeed, a day out for all the family.

Terra Mitica
Terra Mitica

How to get to Terra Mitica.

In fact, Terra Mitica is located just outside Benidorm.
So when you want to visit  the park , there is access by taxi, buses orcars from the N 332 and the AP 7 .

From Benidorm you ca get buses to the park. The coach buses are more expensive than the buses from the community.
Recently,  Terra Mitica has its own TRAM line station.

By plane
To take a holiday in Benidorm, the easiest flights are landing in Valencia or Alicante airport .
Both airports and city’s are within a 100 km drive from Benidorm.
Like any other day trip, check the weather forecasts if you want to visit Terra Mitica, so you will enjoy the maximum of your day of.

Terra Mitica  a place for visitors of all ages.

Presently, Terra Mitica Benidorm is one of the largest European theme parks
With different ancient worlds rebuild
Some of these ancient worlds are Mediterranean coasts of Greece, Rome, Egypt, Iberia and all these islands have their own stories and legends.
So the park  is divided in several areas  and each with their own show , rides , shops, decor and food shops.
It’s a park with a variety of rides: roller coasters, water attractions, dark rides, thrill rides , family attractions and shows and events.
It is fantastic, we were pleasantly surprised.
Indeed experience of fun, and high level of adrenaline and fear.
In fact , the rides are scattered around Terra Mitica.
So make sure you look everywhere but the best thing is you don’t queue and you don’t get hassle.

For instance, the  Tornado is 80 meter high ride with flying chairs  with altitude. So be a dare-devil and try it.
The dimensions  of the Tornado is so high that it has a  six meter deep foundation to hold the 4500 kilogram weight of the Tornado.
Even from outside the park you can see the  Tornado.

In the past, the ” Synkope” was voted the best ride in Europe.
Other rides who are popular in Terra Mitica are the “Titanide” , “Inferno”,  the “Fall of the Fenix” and the breath-taking “Magnus Colosus ” wooden roller coaster. So  you will know, what is adrenaline!
Last visit we enjoyed the water rides while the weather was splendid. One of the famous of the water ride is ” the Waterfalls of the Nile” and the ” Anger of Triton “. So in brief : have fun!

Terra Mitica Titanide
Terra Mitica Titanide

Food and drinks  at Terra Mitica .

As always in the theme park food and drinks are no problem.

So there is a variety of fast food  and restaurants throughout the park. But most Spanish people prefer to take their picnic box and sandwiches with them.

Luxor four star hotel in Terra Mitica.

The Grand Luxor hotel has 300 rooms and allows package holidays.
In this holiday package  their are the tickets, the hotel stay and the meal included.
The hotel is  a step away from Terra Mitica.
But at the same time the hotel guest enjoy a spectacular view on Benidorm and the Mediterranean Sea.
The  Grand Luxor  has a Spa and wellness center, different swimming pools as well  luxury restaurants and many others facilities.

Some of the rooms will have sea view,  others a view on Terra Mitica.

Luxor Hotel
Luxor Hotel

Terra Mitica in mid-season holiday (October):

In fact, Terra Mitica is an a quite strange shape.
So you can walk around but not that much, and some of the shops and attractions open at different times (depending the season).
In fact, the further away from the start, the later they opened.
During the visit we went to see the pirate show called “ Barbarossa”
It was great.
Also we did  all the rides and enjoyed it very much.
Because there are more than 30 attractions of different kinds for the whole family.
All in all, there are  more than 20 shows.

Tip for your visit.

First, take a towel and spare T-shirt / shorts or a waterproof cape with you. Because if you want to go on the water rides you sure will get wet ! And not of the rain.
Indeed, Terra Mitica is a superb theme park for young and those who are young of heart.
Further, prices of the refreshments and the food were quite good. But  plenty of (Spanish ) people took their own picnic.
If you are staying in South Costa Blanca, Orihuela Costa or Torrevieja, you can easily go by coach bus .
For instance , we paid 10 € for the bus only . Booked at the local travel agency.

 Opening Hours.

Now, the summer season start from May till begin November .
So in the holiday months the opening hours  are from 10.00 -24.00.
In the winter Terra Mitica is open in the weekends. But only from 10:00-20:00.

After the summer, it is wise to check the online calendar for opening hours but also for the online tickets.


First for adult is the entrance  39€
Then children (age 0-3): Free with an adult ticket.
Also the Junior ticket: Age form 4 till 12     is  28 €
Last but not least the senior ticket: Age 65 and older is  28 €

Besides, try to book on internet. It is cheaper.
Furthermore you can also buy combined tickets including Terra Mitica, Mundomar and Aqualandia.


In addition, when you arrive  at the airport of Alicante,  there an info stand which has coupons for the park.
Because  this coupon offers you a reduced entrance price.
So, a money saver tip if you want  to go with the all family.
Finally, we went in October and in November and hardly had to queue to get on any rides.

Yourspain rating on Terra Mitica:

rating rating rating rating grey rating

Pros :
For all ages.
Prices are ok.

Some attractions or shows may be closed during low season.
In high season : long queues

When you are with kids or teenagers or just want to have fun it is definitely worth a visit.

Adress Ctra Benidorm a Finestrat, Partida del Moralet, s/n, 03502 Benidorm, Alicante, Spanje Region Alicante, Alicante , Benidorm 03502