Alcoy : what to see ?

Alcoy is an inland town in the Alicante province . It is a part of the sunny Costa Blanca.
So it enjoys of the Mediterranean climate. What means many hours of sunshine the all year round.


Further more Alcoy is situated 100 km from Valencia.
From Alicante to Alcoy it is a 54 km drive.

What to see in Alcoy

The city is a nice Spanish typical Mediterranean city. The heart of the city is the Plaza de España.
It has a heritage of the middle ages but also many modernist buildings.
Furthermore, two bridges who are emblematic.
Also is the city situated in a natural setting flanked by two nature reserves. So it is a green city to visit.

The town is famous for his festivals. One of them, is even a fiesta of “national touristic interest” in Spain. More specific : The Moors and Christians Festival, who is always at the end of april .
It is really worth the visit.

But if you are not there at the end of april, then you can always  see more at  the Museum of the Fiesta.

Medieval Quarter

The medieval quarter is sure a place to visit.
Also the old town hall, the Museum of the Moors and the Christians festival and the Archaeology museum.
So, by visiting the museum you can understand de past of the city.

So the old town center is a nice place to wander.
There are beautiful narrow streets full of history . But also the medieval walls and magnificent terraces.
It is great to stroll in the streets .
But also to enjoy a good tapas and a glass of wine in one of the many bars and little restaurants.

The modernist city

Going further op along the San Nicolas street it brings you to the Modernist part of the city.

Alcoy was a pioneer city of the Spanish industrial revolution.
For example, the Casa del Pavo ( the peacock house) or the old fire station or the Conservatory of Music and Dance. They are all worth a visit.

But also  LLotja de San Jordi It is a room of exhibitions located under the floor of the heart of the city, the Plaza de España.
It is designed by the Spanish, Valencian architect Calatrava.
Made in 1991.
It is like the inner side of a whale. Calatrava is also the designer op the train station in Lissabon and Liege

Alcoy The Llonja de Sant Jordi
Alcoy The Llonja de Sant Jordi

The” art deco” bridges of Alcoy

The viaduct of Cabalejas  is one of the  symbols of the town.
It is undoubtedly one of the icons of the city. But also the bridge of san Jordi.


Into the nature : the red spring sanctuary and the Sierra de Mariola

The red spring or “La font Roja”  is a part of the mountains, the sierra de Mariola,  surrounding the city.
If you are coming from the highway from Alicante or Orihuela you will be surprised.
The surrounding area changes suddenly.
The city is just an hour drive away from Alicante and the  sea.
The natural spring is popular by the Spanish people. There is a restaurant and a picnic area.
The water is pure,fresh and …cold.
It is nice place , to visit in a warm summer.
When you are riding the road with the many sign to the spring, the views come more and more impressive.
It is worth a visit.

Alcoy Jijona Tibi bus

As already mention, the environment is beautiful. So it is great to do a nice walk.
Interesting is that their is a bus, who covers the beautiful route.
Of course there will be strategic stops. Like there are the hospital, the University, the train and the busstations. At each bus stop, there is a time-table. This information is also available online  but also on the bus.
The bus is a service to the local people. But is also very interesting for us as a tourist. When you want to go on a walk, you can always take the bus back.

To conclude

Alcoy is worth a visit , if you want to see more than the Mediterranean Sea.
We hope to give you some ideas for your next trip.
Enjoy !