Torrevieja La Mata Natural park

Torrevieja La Mata are located at the Costa Blanca.

First of all, “La Mata Salt lake” and “Torrevieja Salt lake” are easy to find on the N 332 at 5 km from Torrevieja.
Indeed, Torrevieja is situated in the southern part of  the sunny Costa Blanca.
In fact, Torrevieja is one of the many  little fishing village who grown into a touristic center.

La Mata Salt lake  Natural Park



Torrevieja La Mata
Torrevieja La Mata

Entering Torrevieja you will pass between two salt lakes. The salt lake of La Mata and the salt lake of Torrevieja. One is green nearly blue color the other one is of an sort pink rose color.
Both are the homeland for all kinds of flowers and birds. In the history of the city both salt lakes are very important, and are the mean reason why it is  developed from a little local fishing village to a city.
The history of the lakes goes back to the 13th century when the first licenses were given by the king for the harvest of salt.

Different colors of salt lakes 

In contrast, the Torrevieja salt lake  is pink, the La Mata  is green-blue.
The local people love their salt lakes because they are ideal for a picnic and a nice walk.
The main attraction for the tourists and many photographers are the more than 2000 famous flamingos who can seen mostly during the breeding season. When the flamingos are in the salt lake they gave a grey color. Many of the grey flamingos turn into beautiful pink flamingos eating the shrimps during their stay in Torrevieja . Like the many tourists who become their nice tan during their stay in the Costa Blanca.
Their are not only flamingos but also all kind of aquatic, wading and marine birds in this natural park.

With a little luck you can discover weasels, hedgehogs,lizards, foxes and snakes.

In Spring the flowers  provide a rainbow of  color.
The pink color of the Torrevieja lake is caused by the color of a bacteria which lives in very salty water. The same bacteria is also found in other famous salt lakes  like Dead Sea. The other reason of the pink color is an alga at certain times of the year.  The shrimp which lives in the lake, becomes also red because the bacteria and the alga is his food. And the flamingos eat the shrimps and turn pink.

Protected natural park 

The two salt lakes of Torrevieja and Torrevieja La Mata are a protected natural park.

Now, they are still the biggest and oldest salt lakes in Europe. They are producing the salt for the cold winters on the roads of Northern Europe.
The production starts the heat up in the warm months of June till the end of October.
The process as salt winning  begins when the sea is carrying seawater to the Mata salt lake.
Once the seawater reaches the salt lake, the water starts to evaporate under the warm sun. As a result, the salt level rises.
Then the salt water is carries to the Torrevieja salt lake, where the salt level is even higher.
This melting of the waters is  a very important moment in the process of crystallization.
The salt starts to solidify at the bottom of the salt lake and now is the moment to collect the salt.

The Torrevieja salt lake is the largest, Torrevieja La Mata lake is more an important historical lake.

The salt lakes are connected with the sea by two channels allowing the depth of the lakes to be altered for the salt production.
There is very little vegetation in the salt lake ,too high level of salinity. But they are  at least 2000 different species of birds, like the lovely pink flamingo’s.

Torrevieja La Mata Natural Park

It is possible to make a walk in La Mata natural park. The park offers you an hour stroll through one of the most beautiful spots of the natural Park.
The sandy paths allow all year round walking. There are different routes which can be taken.
In La Mata Village there are grape fields. Traditionally the make a very fine sweet white desert wine. You can taste the wine in the cellars of La Mata bodegas.

The salt lake of La Malta has declared an important area for bird life and other wild life.
The park is easy to find sign posted with the signs, and the visitor center is visible from the N 332.

Torrevieja La Mata
Torrevieja La Mata

Inside the Natural Park information office or “Casa Forestal de La Mata” . In the center  there are interesting exhibitions of the flora and fauna, by the Salt lake.
Inside the information center, you can find interactive information boards and leaflets in different languages.
The brochures shows the walking paths and the passages for bicycles.
Some paths have no or little shade.So be aware for the sunburn and wear a sun head and a good sun protector.
The walking roads are sandy, so it is advisable to wear good shoes.

Picnic areas.

In the park there are no restaurants, no cafe and no little bars. It is better to take your provision of refreshments with you. But there are beautiful picnic areas, mostly under pine trees, where you have a great view of the salt lake.
The natural park of La Mata Torrevieja is one of the natural parks of the Valencia region will benefit from a 400 000 Euro handout from the social fund of a bank in 2014.
The bank has been working with the regional government on environmental scenes schemes since  the last 8 years.

In the future, La Mata Torrevieja park will improved their many activities such as cycling pads, walking area and horse riding .
Indeed, it is a benefit for the town of Torrevieja and the Orihuela region .
In the Mata Park you may spend at least several hours enjoining the unspoiled park, the flamingo’s, the great view on the lake an the mountains inland.

Access to the park via the Coast N332 between Alicante and Cartagena.
First, distance to Alicante  =50 km.
Then, distance to Benidorm = 80 km.
Next, distance to Cathagena = 60 km.
And distance to Orihuela = 30 km.

Torrevieja La Mata Opening Times.

October to May.

Tuesday to Friday.
9:30 to 14:00.
Tuesday and Thursday.
9:30 to 14:00.
16:00 to 17:30.

June to September.

Everyday 9:30 to 14:30.
Weekends and bank Holidays.
9:30 to 13:30.

Update La Mata Torrevieja Environment month 

This year in June the  fourth Torrevieja environmental month takes places.
This event includes film, documentary , a conference,a concert and a theater .
Important,the event promote the protection of the environment of La Mata.

The sea and the need to  care of the marine nature parc is an important theme.

Shark patrol or “Patrulla Tiburon” 

A large sculpture of a shark will be exposed.
The sculpture is hollow. So it will be a collection point for waste plastic.
So people are aware  of the problem of plastics in the Mediterranean sea. How the plastic damage the flora and the fauna in the sea.
But also the coastline of the many beautiful beaches. 


To end 

When you are visiting Torrevieja or the Orihuela Costa La mata si sure worth a visit.