Murcia Corvera Airport

Murcia Corvera Airport

Murcia Corvera Airport
Murcia Corvera Airport

First, the new Murcia airport is named after the nearest the village Corvera. After a time, the airport will replace the San Javier Airport.
Then, Murcia Airport is considered as an important step in putting the Southeast Spain on the tourist map.
Next, to the international tourist it is an alternative for the other airports. To sum up, the most popular are Madrid, Almeria , Alicante and  Malaga.

At last , the Murcia Corvera Airport can become a gateway to the Spanish tourist destinations. Then,  the region will have a  great potential for growth. Soon this growth will reflect on Murcia and Orihuela Costa .
Besides, there are already recent investment in the region.
While “The Paramount Theme Park” project in Murcia and connections to the national high speed rail network.
So this will insure the strong position of this airport.

Murcia Corvera Airport Opening.

Murcia Airport should have been finished at 2013 , but the date is being continuously postponed.

The date of April 2013 was given by the President of the Murcia Government. But is now januari 2019 it is operational.
They are working at the airport 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.
The excellent roads connecting the airport with the city’s are completed and open.
In the meantime, the airport tower is fully constructed.
Many of the low cost airlines have acknowledged that they will use this airport.
In the future , the Corvera Airport is designed to have an annual traffic of 3 million passengers. And will be open 24/7.

Murcia is built in a no fly zone.

But the Murcia international airport at Corvera has been built in an special fly area.
This area  is located in the training fly zone used by the Spanish Air Force.
Corvera Murcia is built an no fly zone with  severe restrictions on civilian flights.
The air space is managed by the ministry for defense and covers the whole region of Murcia.

Corvera airport
Corvera airport

The Ministry of defense let the air force pilots and the students train at the Murcia region and the nearby provinces.
In fact, the pilots use the airport of San Javier.
Sure the pilots needs a lot of space to perform there dock fights.

So this is a serious problem at the as-yet unopened airport of Corvera.

Till now the Corvera  airport has cost 260 million Euros.

Now, civilian aircraft are allowed to land in San Javier near Cartagena. So they gave their fly times in special time zones.

In fact, in San Javier,  they do not enter the restricted area and they can fly and approach the airport by the Mar Menor.

Fly zone Corvera.

For the moment the only solution is approach the airport of Corvera along the coast of Almeria. That is what the engineers working for the state run company AENA propose.
In order to land at Corvera , yet to open airport of Murcia passenger aircraft would have to fly along the coast of Almeria. Than turning inland over Cabo de Gata at the  south eastern coast of Spain. And then fly up to Corvera. A lost of time and money.
Even then  the passenger aircraft will cross part of the restricted  air force zone.
That means also that all the air force aircraft will have to stop training. And this to allow a civil airplane to land at Corvera . How there are going to do it ?
Otherwise the  airport is not safely with the back fights around.

This trip to the coast of Almeria involves another half a hour Can you image  the lost of time and the additional fuel .

Low cost airlines.

This solutions means that Corvera airport  may not be a valuable  proposition for low cost airlines. We are thinking about Ryanair, Easyjet or Vueling . The will not be agreed with the additional expense.

Now the low fare airlines are landing in San Javier. Nearly 98 % of the passengers using San Javier airport are residents from the EU. Most of them British, with a holiday home in Orihuela Coast, Torrevieja, Salinas, Guardamar, Mar Menor or Cartagena .
According to the  financial Manager of San Javier airport , the airport have more passengers than Valencia and Bilbao. It is an airport with 1.5 million passengers a year.
The San Javier airport works very good.
If it is closed, most op the British passengers will probably not move to Corvera Murcia. But to Alicante Elche like the other residents of the EU do.
Many nationalities from Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Russia …… are taking the Alicante airport because  it is closer to their homes.

Corvera airport gets red carpet treatment.

The Murcia Corvera airport which is completed

This airport was one of the attractions on the World Travel market in Great Britain in fall 2016.
In fact the regional tourism councilor said that the airport is a superb change for  international airlines and travel companies. He called the airport a driving force of the regional economy.
The airport is now , owned by the regional government after a long battle with the builders.