Torrevieja Bus lines

First, Torrevieja Bus lines are very popular. Because you can go nearly everwhere in the region with a bus leaving from Torrevieja Busstation.
The most busy one is the one coming from the airport or going back to the airport of Alicante.
This bustrip is a safe and cheap solution for many tourist.

In fact, you can read more about the connection Bus Alicante airport to  Torrevieja  on the webpage.

Other Torrevieja Bus lines

In addition, many autobuses are driven by Costa Azul and are running from the main bus station in the city.
Nearby   center of the town, the bus station is easy to find, it is  situated at the Avenida de Habaneras in Torrevieja.

Torrevieja Bus lines
Torrevieja Bus lines







Bus Schedules from Torrevieja to several destinations :

First To Alicante city.
Alicante is a beautiful city to visit. The best is that you can go visit this city with the bus. So  you don’t have parking problems or trafic problems . Read more about this intrestingg city on Alicante .

Torrevieja Bus lines
Torrevieja Bus lines

The bus leaves from the busstation.
First on Monday till Saturday   :
7.15 7.35 8.30 9.15 10.55 12.15 12.50 14.05 15.15 15.50 16.05 17.15 18.25 19.45 21.40
Then on Sunday and Holiday.
7.30 8.30 10.15 10.56 12.50 14.05 15.50 16.05 17.15 19.45 21.40.
The bus hours can change ; so check out the Torrevieja to Alicante Airport Bus Schedule .

Direction Murcia.

One other intresting day trip is a day tot Murcia. In fact, Murcia is the capital of the region with the same name.
The town is sure worth a visit.

Important to known is that there is a summer and winter schedule.
For the moment the busline  is every day  7.00 9.00 11 :00 15.30 19.00.
Once again, check the hours

Torrevieja Bus lines
Torrevieja Bus lines

Direction Orihuela city.

Orihuela city is a real Spanish old town.
The ride to the town of Orihuela region is already worth the ride beacause you are crossing the orange trees plantations.
Once again, the bus line has  a summer and a winter schedule.
So for the moment it is every day :
7.00, 9.00, 12.00, 14.00, 15.30, 19.00.
On Saturday  : 7.00, 12.00,  15.30, 19.00.
And Sunday and holiday : 11.00, 14.00, 19.00.

To Cartagena.

is a important harbor. Sure worth the visit because of its Roman Theater.
During the bus line trip you are  crossing the region around the Mar Menor and La Manga.
Now,  the bus line  is every day  : 8.00  12.15  15.10   17.10 19.10 21.10.
But the time table can change .

To Elche.

Elche is well known for the palmtree wood and the Dama of Elche.


Now the bus line is driving every day : 7.00 10.30 14.05 18.00.

To Hospital Callosa.

From Monday till Sunday  : 9.00 10.30 18.00.

To Quesada Rojales.

From Monday till Saturday  : 13.00.

To Almoradi.

From Monday till Friday : 9.00 10.30 14.05 18.00.


People often leave a small change behind but it is not obligated .