Corvera airport bus links

Corvera airport bus is open since the 15th of January 2019.
Even the King of Spain was there to celebrate this event.

Corvera Airport bus
Corvera Airport bus

Since the opening there are four bus lines.
They connect the Corvera airport with Murcia, Mar Menor, Los Alcazeres and San Pedro.

Also important to known for the golf players is that the local golf courses in Murcia region are also more served with public buses.

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Busroutes from and to Corvera Airport . There you can find the timetable and the exact locations of the stops.

Corvera airport bus
Corvera airport bus

Nearby the airport terminal, there is also a taxi parking directly outside the front door of the Corvera airport.
This parking has a capacity of nearly 80 cars.

Of course there is also space for the rental companies with their cars.
Nearby you find also a area for tour operator coaches.
So they can easily drop or collect their customers.

Corvera airport bus

The bus lines are going to different places in the Murcia region.
this region becomes more and more popular .
You can read more about the Murcia region on our page Murcia .

Now the bus routes are : Corvera to Murcia .
But also Corvera to Cartagena ,.
Furthermore Corvera to San Pedro
And Corvera to Los Alcazares.

If you are a golf player than the bus Corvera to Los Alcazares stops at the different Golf Courses.

Important is that the four lines make nearly 50 weekly returns . Seven days a week. Even on the famous fiesta days.
Also important is that the bus schedule is adapted to fit with the flight schedules of the air companies.

Did you known that Ryanair was the first who landed the 15th January coming from Engeland ?

Also good is that the buses connect the airport with the busstations in the towns they serve.
So they give you the possibility to go to different other point of this beautiful region. And even further away. Hop on the bus.

We hope we have informed you about the “Corvera airport bus”.

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