The Cathedral of Murcia

You can find the Cathedral of Murcia in the middle of the city .
Nearby are the city hall and a bit further away us the River Segura.

Cathedral of Murcia
Cathedral of Murcia

Murcia is a beautiful town in the Murcia Region.
Is one hour ride from Alicante and the Costa  Blanca.
If you are interested in Murcia, read more on our page Murcia. The town is worth a visit.


Cathedral of Murcia

The Cathedral of Murcia is situated in the Plaza Cardenal Bellluga.
This Plaza and the streets around, are the most important of the city of Murcia.
It is the place to be for locals . A meeting point full of restaurants, tapa bars, and of course shops.

Nearby, the most important street is  a pedestrian street . So you can take a nice relax stroll.

The Cathedral of Murcia is called ” El Cathedral de Santa Maria”.

The cathedral si not so high as you should expect.
The cathedral in Granada is more spectacular.

History of the cathedral of Murcia

The construction began at the end of the 1300. But it was completed in 50 years later.
After this , the cathedral was often renovated.
So the cathedral is example of Gothic style. But also Renaissance style . Even Baroque style.
Many  religious buildings in Spain, and especifique in South of Spain are build on the remains  of a mosque.

In the region of Murcia and Andalusia, you can find still many Moorish influence.

In the early Middle Age, the Moorish invasion in Spain was very important.
After this period, Murcia was conquered by Catholic kings.

The cathedral of Murcia now.

The cathedral is not big.  It is an unusual building for a Cathedral. It has an flowing facade and a domed porch.
The main gate and entrance are  Gothic style. In Spanish it is  ” Puerta de los Aposteles” .
Because their are four Apostles on the gate.

Cathedral of Murcia
Cathedral of Murcia

Another interesting thing is the It is 90 meters high Bell Tower.
Especifique , you can see up of five parts  and each has a different style and width .

The Bell Tower was important in the Middle ages as a warn signal for the residents in case of danger.
But also to inform the locals for festivities, celebrations or weddings.

Inside the Cathedral are very beautiful glass windows.
The altar contains the heart of the important medieval Spanish kings.

But one of the most impressive things of the cathedral are the chapels.

For example , the “Capilla del Marques de los Velez” is a jewel of Gothic architecture in Spain.

Cathedral of Murcia
Cathedral of Murcia

Because the chapel shows the most traditional element of the flamboyant Gothic style.


The nearby Museum

The museum of the Cathedral is inside the cloisters. When you visit the cathedral the museum  is worth a visit.

Openingshours Cathedral

From 1 september till the end of June : every Tuesday till Saturday.  Open from  7: 00 till 13:000 and 17:00 till 20:00
On Sunday and holidays : from 7:00 till 13:00 and from 18:30 till  20:00

From 01 July till end of august :from Monday till Friday . To visit from 7:00: till  13:00  and 18 :30 till 20:00

Further on weekends and holidays from 7:00 till 13:00 and from  19:00 til 21:00

Entrance is free .

To end

There are tons more interesting things to do in Murcia that you can explore.  We hope that this article  gives you  some ideas and inspiration for a beautiful stay in the city of Murcia.
Enjoy yourself!

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