Murcia Tourist Card

Murcia tourist Card is a card that will help the tourist to visit the important cultural and tourist attractions of the city.
Murcia is a city known for its museums, is architectural styles and the many shops.
Make the most of your time in Murcia with the Tourist Card. Enjoy the attractions of the famous Spanish city.
The choice is yours : the 24 hours, the 48 hours or the 72 hours pass.


Murcia Tourist Card
Murcia Tourist Card

It is a easy way to visit Murcia at a good price.

The prices Murcia Tourist Card.

There are tree different version of the tourist card.
The prices for a adult is 12 euro for 24 hours, 18 euro for 48 hours and 21 euro for 72 hours.
For children is 4 euro for 24 hours, 6 euro for 48 hours and 8 euro for 72 hours.

You can purchase the Tourist card on internet. at the website of the tourist information office  with a discount of 5 %.
Or you can buy it at the tourist information located at the Plaza del Cardenal , next to the famous Cathedral of Murcia.

The benefits of the Murcia Tourist Card.

The card gifts access to all the places of interest simply by showing your Tourist Card.
Some other establishments  give  discount.

The places to see with your free entrance are : Salzillo Museum, the Royal Casino, Museum of Science and Water, Cathedral Museum, University of Murcia Aquarium,

The places to visit with a discount are the Teatro Circus and the Teatro Romea.

Check our website about Murcia  for the description of the museums.
The card is also available in Terra Natural Park, so you can get a nice discount for your family trip.
This zoological park is an absolute must when you are visiting the Murcia region.
To enjoy all the attractions of the Park is best to reserve a full day for your visit .

Murcia Tourist Card Casino
Murcia Tourist Card Casino


The card offers discounts at nearly 150 shops, restaurants, museums and business.
Mostly you can get between 5 % and 10 % discount in the participating shops, restaurants, fashion. Some of the participants gives 20% discount.
The card is also usable by the many gift stores who are selling typical Murcian specialty’s and goods.
The discount card can also be used at florist, jewelers, hairdressers, stationers….
So you can enjoy extra discount on your holiday budget.
And it is also good for the local Murcia’s economy.

Nice tip

Cardholders can enjoy free wine and tapas in the famous Spanish shops Corte Inglés Café in the center of Murcia.