Orihuela Costa What To Do ?

Orihuela Costa is divided into small sections. The best known are
Cabo Roig, La Zenia, Dehese de Camoamor, Playa Flamenca.

Orihuela Costa Beaches.

Orihuela Costa Vieuw
Orihuela Costa

The most important, Orihuela Costa has beautiful beaches and is ideal to go with the family. Its becoming one of the hotspots of the Costa Blanca.

Because the Coastline of the Orihuela Costa stretches over a more than 16 km.
Since years, the Beaches are popular among the Spanish people. They are coming from Madrid, Orihuela and mainland Spain.
Recently more European visitors have also discovered these lovely  and beautiful beaches.

Now, every Beach of Orihuela Costa is certified with its Blue Flag. In other words, this label stands for the clearest water and properly maintained beaches.
In fact, with over 14 sandy, sunny beaches this region offers a wide range of choice.

The best known and biggest beaches are La Zenia and Campoamor. On both beaches there are beach bars or restaurants.

Tip: in summer times a parking spot is easy to find around 10 AM.

 La Zenia Beach also known as Cala Bosque.

The beach of la Zenia is smaller, but has more of a cozy feeling.
It’s the most famous beach of Orihuela Costa.
Important, it is accessible for the disabled people with reserved parking spots.
Indeed, it is easy reached by following the n332 till the round a bout for The Zenia Boulevard and turning in the direction of the beach.

As the beach is cleaned daily and has a blue flag, it is very recommendation.
While, it’s also the start of a Beach Promenade which leads to Cabo Roig and beyond.
The Beach has some excellent spots to go snorkeling.
Now it also has a Children play area and a place to practice your volleyball skills.
Starting from the Easter holiday, you can also rent a sunbed and sunshade to relax.
While, during  the  summer season jet skis and pedalos are also available.

Close to the sea, there is a Beach Bar. This bar offers a small range of foods like Pizza and sandwiches.
To the left of the beach is a restaurant called “La mirada” . This restaurant offers a wide range of food from Spanish food till Pizzas. In fact , the view is splendid, the prices ok.

Next to “La Mirada”  is a Hotel from Servigroup ” La Zenia”.


La Zenia Beach


La Zenia Beach
Orihuela Costa


Campoamor/Orihuela Beach La Glea Beach.

Also know as “Dehesa de campoamor”.
First ,is quite a lot bigger than “La Zenia” and feels not so crowded due to its size.
Further, It is also cleaned daily,  even during the winter period.
Sometimes there is a lot of seaweed that washes on the shore. Naturally ,seaweed means that the sea is very healthy. Although for swimmers it feels a little bit strange.

Besides, “Campoamor” beach is accessible for the disabled people. The town offers a amphibious chair.

Naturally , it has a number of restaurants nearby and several beach bars.
During the summer season  “Las Colinas” beach club is open. In fact, for us it is one of the most beautiful bars around the Orihuela Costa. The bar offers sunbeds and  an infinity pool. In the Summer it  opens a restaurant which offers Sushi.

On the edge of the beach, Jet skis and Pedalos are available in the summer season.

Again there is a nice beach bar with a choice of drinks and snacks. We enjoyed the cocktails and  the salads.
Side by side , the sunbeds and red sunshades are available from the Easter holidays till November.

To conclude , “Campoamor” also has a small Marina. Indeed, with a little restaurant and bar.


Orihuela Costa Beach




Orihuela Costa Beach
Orihuela Costa


Punta Prima.

In brief,  “Punta Prima” is about 234 metes of beach  and has elevator access which ensures good access for the disabled.

Cala Mosca.

In short, is near the “Playa Flamenca” and is a small beach.

 Playa Flamenca.

In particular, “Playa Flamenca” is popular due to its bars and shops, restaurants nearby.

Cabo Roig.

On the edge of the beach, “Cabo Roig” has a Marina. In fact this is the biggest in the “Orihuela Costa”.
The beach is popular in summer and winter because is located in a bay.
The beach bar is popular for his excellent cocktails en the nice easy listening music.
At the end of the horizon you can see the “Mar Menor”  and the sierras.
Close to the marina there is a bar/restaurant .
On top of Cabo Roig there is another restaurant with a very nice terrace  with  splendid panoramic view.
As you can see a little hidden germ.


There are many shops in the countless commercial centers across La Zenia.
Everyone of them has an Asian supermarket, which sells about everything at a cheap price. Most of the time they also contain some small supermarket and some local shops and restaurants.

La Zenia Boulevard.



Orihuela Costa La Zenia


Opened on the 26th of  September.
La Zenia Boulevard is the biggest shopping center of the province of Valencia -Alicante.
La Zenia Boulevard has 150 stores including Zara, H&M.
Construction Area 175.000 M².
Sales area of the project is 80.000 M² (Including HyperMarket 14 000 M² Leroy Merlin (DIY) Decathlon (sports) 5 000 M².
It is owned by the Alcampo group which is more commonly known as group Auchan.

More Information  about La Zenia Boulevard.


Dos Mares Centro Commercial.

Dos Mares is a shopping mall on a 15 min drive from Orihuela Costa.It has most of the common Spanish stores like Jack & Jones,Bershka,Pull And Bear.


Orihuela Costa Dos Mares Centro Commercial

Going Out in Orihuela Costa.


Nightlife, Clubs , Dancing’s.





Bushwacka Bar Orihuela


Bushwacka (Cabo Roig).

Is an Australian themed pub-bar. It offers a big choice of cocktails at an honest price. At night the party is guaranteed by the local DJs’.

Xairo Campoamor.

A typical Spanish club with big stylish events.


Orihuela is well-known for it’s golf Courses that have been renowned around the world for their quality .


Orihuela Costa has lots of restaurants in the different centro commercial from the Centro Commercial in Playa Flamenca till the Strip on Cabo Roig. We have dedicated a page to the best restaurants in the Orihuela Costa.


Go karts

If you like speed, come enjoy the biggest circuit of go-kart. It is open the all year .
There are different circuits. More specialy  for cadets and  children. Already from the age of 3   your kids can enjoy driving the go-cart.
Furthermore  there is also a circuit of paint ball and excursions with quads to the beach.

Childeren get reduction, they pay the half price.
There is also a parking next to the cafetaria and terrace.

In summer
From 11 am  till 12 pm
In Winter  :
From 11 am till 10 pm.