San Javier Airport

First, San Javier Airport is located between the airport of Alicante and the airport of Almeria.
The, the airport is situated on the shoreline of the Mar Menor.
From the beaches around the Mar Menor  you can see the air traffic go by.

In particular, the region of Murcia became more and more popular for holidays.
In the past for the Spanish holiday seekers. Now for the West European visitors.
In the recent years the airport has made investments. Indeed, this investments results in expansion of the departure zone but  also  a second runway. And also a new control tower.

For example, in 2015 the airport handled more than 1 000 000 passengers and more than 8500 flights.


San Javier Airport
San Javier Airport

In the past, San Javier Airport was originally a military air base and is currently being used as a civilian airport.
Because the runway is smaller than the airport of Alicante. Therefore is in San Javier Airport only available to smaller passenger planes like the Boeing 737 or similar.

While, the airport itself is  situated in San Javier in the Province of Murcia. It is maintained and controlled by AENA,  which is the Spanish Airport Authority.

In the future , the airport is scheduled for closure when the new airport at Murcia opens.
Although  latest problems keep postponing the airport at Murcia.
Some investors even are talking about opening a second runway in San Javier.As you can see there can be different solutions next years.
The only thing stopping this for the moment is the eco culture around the Mar Menor.
And the local people from the nearby town of Ribera are not so happy.

In brief , the Airport is 47 km away from  Murcia city . This is  about 25 minutes ride thanks to the highway connecting Murcia and the Mar Menor.


Airlines flying to San Javier Airport.

Flying from United Kingdom and Ireland.

Indeed,people flying from the United Kingdom have plenty of options for flying to San Javier Airport.
The Airport is mostly flown by low-cost airliners.
This low coast airlines  allow their passengers to check online. after all, it is easy to do this on the website of the  airline . When you check in online, remember to print off the documents.
Some airlines charge a fee to print the  boarding pass at the airport. For example Ryanair charge  about 40 €.

First, do not give yourself stress. then, arrive at the airport at time. Even when the weather is still perfect.And you want to stay on holiday in this beautiful region.
So arrive with enough time for unforeseen seen delays.

Then,  passengers receives the boarding pass when checking in.
indeed, this allows to save time in the airport.
Naturally, as passenger with carry-on luggage, you can proceed directly to  the security checkpoints.

In particular, those who have a mobile, can check in and receive their boarding pass on their mobile. So they don’t have to print it out.
One again a time saver. After all, they can go  straight to the security.
There, you show your boarding papers.

In fact, at the security you need to go through a metal detector. All the hand luggage must undergo an X ray  treatment.
Additionally , to help the security it is better to put tooth paste, medication, deodorant, or other things  in special trays who are available.
After this  look for the airports screens for your boarding gate.

In the waiting rooms, there are duty free shops and bars.
Once it is time to boarding, you must go to the gate. That is the place to show  your identity.

The airlines flying from San Javier Airport.

EasyJet .

Departs from Bristol and London.

Departs  from Leeds/Bradford, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne.
At summer season departs from Belfast–International and  Blackpool. But also from  Edinburgh, Glasgow–International and Nottingham/East Midlands.


Departs from London–Luton and  London–Stansted.
At summer season  departs from Birmingham, Bournemouth and Dublin.
And Glasgow-Prestwick, Leeds/Bradford, Liverpool, Manchester and Nottingham/East Midlands.

Domestic Flights.

Good Fly.
Flying from Barcelona  Madrid and Tenerife.

Flying from  Madrid.

Flights From Belgium.

Jetairfly -TUI fly
In the past, unfortunately only Jetairfly flies from the Charleroi Airport.
This airport is also known as Brussels South airport.
The connection with Brussels South Airport  is twice a week. Monday and Friday, with one arrival and one departure.

Since November 2016 TUI fly flies from Antwerp Deirne tot Murcia and back. Every  Wednesday  and Saturday.
For example, on Monday 28/11/2016 it cost you 29.99 €.

Norwegian Airlines.

Norwegian Air.
Fly’s  from  Bergen, Oslo–Gardermoen, Stavanger and Trondheim.

Parking San Javier Airport.

There is only one parking with 500 places. In fact , the parking is located a few meters from the terminal. So the walk is only a  few minutes.
The prices depending on the days.
In front of San Javier Airport,  there are parking’s to store your car for long or short-term.
Indeed, they have special prices for long staying. Naturally ,the booking can be done online.
So if you have your own car in Spain,  you can easily leave it there for a couple of months.

Car Rental.

On the official airport page, there are 4 car services mentioned. This are Gold car, Europcar, Centauro and Firefly.

Assistance service for disable passengers .

The airport provides a quality service. So they can guarantee access for every one .


The price of a taxi to Murcia costs about 55 euros.
To the region of  Torrevieja will cost you about 35 euros.