Paramount Park murcia

The paramount park Murcia will be one of the biggest Theme park’s located in Europe.
In fact,  it is planned to bigger and more spectacular than Disney Park in France Paris.
As it will be located near the industrial areas of Alhama de Murcia.

This location for the project  is chosen nearby the “Corvera” airport of Murcia.
Close to the railway and the motor way.
In the past , the first stone has been laid on the 31 of May 2012 but since then no progress has been shown. While the whole land has already been cleared and is ready for construction.
Indeed, the paramount park Murcia will try to be as environmentally as possible. Consequently , by using sustainable technology and incorporating alternative energy and electrical cars.

The whole “alhama de Murcia” region have some ambitious plans.
Beside the plans for building the Paramount amusement Park it will also include an enormous shopping centre. Side by side , this center which will be located across of the street of Park.
It will be called the “Life Style Center”. Also check out the shopping centres in Murcia
Beside that there are also plans to build a huge Casino next to these project.
Because of all these plans, this will attract visitors that will want to stay more than one day. So Paramount Park and Plaza Futura Park will also build two hotels of 4 and 5 stars.

Virtual Tour through the paramount park Murcia.

Paramount Park Murcia Alhama de Murcia Entrance
Paramount Park Murcia Alhama de Murcia Entrance

This will be how the future  paramount park Murcia entrance plaza will look. Like you can clearly see a small fountain and some small shops.
Following the Paseo Paramount or the main route through the park, you will reach the central square. In this square there will be a huge Fountain.
From this point there will be  various roads that will lead into the rest of the park and towards the lake .


Attractions and Movie Scene locations in paramount park Murcia .

More specifically, Adventure City will be an area with lots of technology advanced attractions. In fact , like attractions dedicated to specific movies. For instance  like  the movie “Mission Impossible”.
For example, there will also be an area dedicated to “Grease” which will include the famous car crash from the Movie and Grease Diner.

Paramount Amusement Park Murcia Adventure City Grease
Paramount Amusement Park Murcia Adventure City Grease

Close to this  area is “The Rango’s West” area which  will resemble the village of “Dust”.
This will feature a lot of children attractions and some adult attractions like a Mine Train.

Nearby  a “Sleepy Hollow” Village will be built. This village will have an 4D Cinema dedicated to the Movie and will have an Enhanced Forest Hotel .
Finally we will have a Carousel and have the town of “Stormhold”.

Star Trek Plaza Futura in paramount park Murcia.

Paramount Amusement Park Murcia PLAZA FUTURA Star Trek
Paramount Amusement Park Murcia PLAZA FUTURA Star Trek

The Star Trek will be in the plaza “Futura “which will be visually isolated from the rest of the park. A huge rollercoaster will be built here.

Development updates.
Recently over 52 million euro was awarded to the new Paramount theme park.
Another 20 million euro to create a Hotel, Shopping center  and entertainment area near paramount park murcia.

We hope the for the best for the realization of this park.
We put up dates on this page.