Barcelona City.

First of all Barcelona is located near the sunny Costa Brava. in the region of Catalonia.
The Costa Brava is a part of Spain.
In contrast the Catalans speak their own languages, Catalan but they also  speaks  Castiliano, what we know as Spanish).

In short the town  has everything you need and you want. You’ll find culture, gastronomy, beaches and sun.

The Rambla, the famous walking street

Barcelona La Rambla
Barcelona La Rambla

Behind the harbor , this is a long and wide  avenue. ” The Rambla ” is running from the famous Placa Catalunya to the sea.

Indeed the Rambla is mostly pedestrianized.
It is flanked with beautiful buildings and many narrow roads that often lead to beautiful places, markets , and plazas.
Side by side there are lots of restaurants and bars for  tourists and halfway there is the Boqueria.
Indeed the ” Boqueria” is the  famous  market place.
Everything you want to find on a food market they got it.
Again everywhere you look at the Rambla you see beautiful facades, living statues, flower stalls, markets…

At the end of the Rambla is the “Placa Catalunya”.
A large central place in Barcelona, the crossing of the boulevards.
For most tourists , it is the meeting point , nearby the famous ware house” El Cortes Ingles “.

Barcelona Placa Catalunya
Barcelona Placa Catalunya

From the “Placa Catalunya “runs a Tourist  bus service .
Close to the start of the Rambla is the ticket sale office.

The main attractions of Barcelona are visited with the double-decker . Also called the hip hop bus.

The Sagrada Familia

 Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia
The most important person of Barcelona is for many tourist “Gaudi”.
Indeed this famous architect Gaudi began in 1882 at the construction of this masterpiece  and the Basilica is still going on .

Some say that the Basilica will be finished in 2030, nearly 100 years after the death of Antonio Gaudi.

Outside you can admire, the strange structure, but many tourists go visit the basilica inside.
Because every one who visit Barcelona visit the Sagrada Familia, there is often a very long queue .
In fact we find it also pricey.

Park Guell worth the visit in Barcelona

Besides the Sagrada Familia another master piece  is “Park Guell.”
Indeed the most famous park  ” Park Guell” is also designed by Gaudi.
For Gaudi it was the start of an ideal dream village.
So, Gaudi had planned 60 houses,but  there were only two built.
The park is situated on the top of Barcelona.
Take a walk in the park and enjoy the view over the city from the highest point on one of the mosaic benches.
One’s it was free, on one of our first visits to Barcelona.
In the present you need to pay, to see the beautiful salamander and the  mosaic benches.There fore there is one again a long queue . We went and did have a ticket to enter the park until the next day.
So it is better to plan you’re visit and the tickets to the park by internet.
Barcelona Park Guell
Barcelona Park Guell

Furthermore if you like the art of Gaudi than “Casa Batllo” and ” Casa Mila ” are worth visiting.

In short, there is also a large queue and the entrance are pricey.

The “Barrio Gotic.”

Close to the Rambla is the Barrio Gothic is the oldest part of the city.
The old city was formerly surrounded with walls.
The many narrow streets are a lovely labyrinth. As a result  you will find lovely shops, bars and restaurants to discover.

In brief walking in the Barrio is like walking in an open air museum .

Camp Nou in Barcelona

Camp Nou
Camp Nou
The football fans can visit also ” Camp Nou “.
Camp Nou is the largest football stadium in Europe.
It is a stadium where the 100 000 supporters can encourage the team of FC Barcelona.
In other words it popular by male tourists.


First of all the MontJuic is  a mountain in Barcelona. In the past the first event was the International Exhibition of 1929.
More recently in  the past, in 1992 the Olympic Games  were held on the MontJuic.

But first of all for me Montjuic is the place to be for museums, with my favorite the ” Fundacio Miro” with several painting of the famous painter Miro .
But also the Museum of Ethnology, the Museum of Archaeology, and the National Museum of Arts.

Barcelona Montjuic
Barcelona Montjuic

Nearby is the CaixaForum, a cultural center which has temporary exhibitions.

At the top of the MontJuic is the main site of the Olympic games, The Olympic Ring and the mean stadium and sport palace . Furthermore the telecommunications tower designed by the famous architect Calatrava, also famous for the train station of Liege in Belgium.

We did explore the Montjuic by foot but  we went there by taxi from the Rambla. In fact we did enjoy very much the Botanical Gardens and the monumental stairs.
Every where around there where Spanish family’s with children playing around the gardens.
The best is the super sights from the Montjuic.

As you can see , we fell in love with Barcelona.
For most Europeans it is a very nice weekend trip, with a low coast fly.

A short gate a way, full of Spanish culture , food, shopping  and sun.