Blossoms in Spring at the Costa Blanca

Blossoms in Spring means that the winter in Spain  is finished.

In the region of the Costa Blanca and Murcia the fruit trees are blossoming. While, this beauty natural spectacle lasts only a month.

almonds Blossoms
almonds Blossoms

Indeed, in the region the fields are covered with white and  light pink flowers

So people like to walk to see the branches of the blossoming trees.

In fact, the trees can be almonds trees, peaches tree, cherry trees….

Blossoms in Spring

As a result that this natural beauty spectacle has become a tourist attraction.
For several  little inland community’s it is a source of income.
So they organize guided visits, cultural events, gastronomic events , …
All based on the this blossom season.
In fact, the beauty of the flowers can be seen in several region of Alicante and Murcia.
After all, Murcia is really the important place for culture fruits for Spain and West Europe.
As said before, the season begins mid February and ends mid March.

Blossoms Cieza
Blossoms Cieza

Because of the warmer temperature of the coast, the beautiful spectacle starts  in  the fields closer to the coast.
For many tourists and locals is the sign that the winter is over.

Tourist attraction

During the blossoms season at the Jalon  valley buses full of tourist enjoying the flowering trees.

Blossoms  in Cieza

Blossoms Peach
Blossoms Peach

Nearby Murcia, several municipalities  like the little town of Cieza offers the  tourist guided tours, food tasting moments or  a visit to the fruit museum.
More specifically in  Cieza it is the blossoming of the peaches trees and the apricots trees. Also the plums trees are blossoming.
As a result , this natural show has become the most important event of the year.
Indeed, it attracts thousand of  visitors and  lovers of photography.
Now, there are several routes to take.  You can enjoy the fields by foot , by car as well on bike.
So it great for young and old.
Tip : don’t miss the trenza ciezana. It is a puff pastry filled with peach and dried fruits.

Almond blossoms

First to blossom are the almonds tree.
In fact, Spain is the one of the biggest almond producer in the world.
From all over the places , people come so see the beauty of nature.
Simular to the cherry blossoms in Japan.
The flowers are white, soft pink or hard pink. Depending the variety and the ground.

For instance , blossoming almonds trees can be seen in  the area of Guadalest.
Also in the valley of Jalon and Jijona.
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Almonds are the main ingredient for the famous sweet Turron .
Many tourist take the nougats home as sweet souvenir, Do you now to read what is the Turron. Than you can see our article about the Gastronomy at the Costa  Blanca or Spanish tradition .

To conclude

When you are living in Spain or just on holiday the natural show of the blossoming trees as amazing to see.
Enjoy the views !