Blue flags in Alicante

Blue Flags in Alicante region are still increasing.
That is very good news for the many tourist
Did you know that the Valencia region is Spain’s leading province for the beaches and the port areas.
Indeed this part of the Costa Blanca as a whole has more coveted beaches with a ” Blue flags” than any where in Spain.

What is a Blue Flag ?

” The blue fag is one of the world most recognized awards for the beaches, marinas and boating tourism operators.
A series of several environment, educational , safety and accessibility criteria must be maintained.”

So, the blue flag is the symbol of clear beaches and port area’s around the wordd.
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Blue Flags in Alicante
Blue Flags in Alicante

This part of the Costa Blanca has 138 flags in total.
More than Andalucia.
In Andalucia province there are ….137 flags .
So, this is a great honor to the Allicante Province.
Even more than last year.
One of the new flags is the ermitage beach in Santa POla.

Furthermore Blue Flags in Alicante

On the Castellon province, they count 33 blue flags.
And in the Valencia province 31 quality flags.

Than in the Murcia region, also popular for nice holidays there are 36 Blue Flags.

Murcia region has beautiful beaches and coves. Also there is a a inside sea the Mar Menor.
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Spain in total

Spain has also gaines a record number of blue flags this year.
With a total of more than 700.
This is the highest number of any other country taking part of the standards of quality.

The blue flag is a programme with a international honour for the beaches and the nearby sea.
In the past, it started in France in 1985.
Other country in Europa followed the next years.

Blue Flag beaches
Blue Flag beaches