Bus from Alicante airport to Benidorm

First, the Bus from Alicante airport to Benidorm is easy and cheap..
As you know, Benidorm is one of the most popular holiday places in the Costa Blanca.
The most important , there is nearly 320 days of sun nearby the Mediterean Sea.

Benidorm what to see ?

In Benidorm  there are sunny landscapes and  monuments .
This city has become a nightlife magnet .
So is popular for alle the clubs and the resorts . You can party day and night .

But you can also see the remains of the past.
In fact , there are also quieter seasons with family homes and fruit trees.
So there is something for any one .
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The ALSA Bus

Now, there is a daily service of  public ALSA bus.
So, it takes a 50 minutes to bring you to Benidorm station

Below this page, we posted the bus schedule.

Bus from Alicante airport to Benidorm
Bus from Alicante airport to Benidorm

Bus from Alicante airport to Benidorm

First, It is an easy way to go to Benidorm. Second, its quick and affordable.

But you can also take a taxi, count about 50 euro.
Or hire a car in the airport.
Even order a mini van to go to you destination.
Furthermore ,there is a train station nearby the airport but you have to take a taxi first.

So, the bus is easy , you known  exactly when you will leave and will arrive.

Price of the bus

First, a ticket cost you 10€.
In fact, do you want a return ticket too , it will be 18 €.
The best: children under the three years are free.
Additionaly, between 4 and 12 year there is a discount of 30 %.

Bus Alicante to Benidorm
Bus Alicante to Benidorm

Where to buy a ticket ?

In the first place, you can buy it online at the website of the ALSA bus company. While the app is also possible.
Even in Benidorm are different sales points  and in the bus station has also a self-service ticket machine.

Naturally , at the airport there is a sales point.
Even at on board of the bus you can buy your ticket.

Where to take the bus ?

On the second floor in the airport.
More specifically at  the ALSA bus station.

In fact,  returning from Benidorm there is a pick up at the station of Benidorm and the Avenue Europa.
Equally important, make sure that you arrive at the airport of Alicante at least one hour and a half to check in your luggage.


The best, you can take 2 bags with you on the bus.
In fact, yhe weight is maximum 30 kilograms.
After all, the bus has a large luggage space.
Presently, they also work on a free wi-fi.

Schedule  Bus from Alicante airport to Benidorm

First, beginning with the arrival in the  airport to Benidorm station and then Benidorm Avenue Europa.
Because, the bus takes the highway there are no more other stops

Now the service is every day of the year. In other words :365 day . 

In addition , count 50 minutes of  drive.


Bus schedule  Benidorm to the airport

Then , leaving from Benidorm the bus  departs at Benidorm Avenue. Next  Station of Benidorm. Finally,  the Alicante airport.

So, the drive take you in 50 minutes to the airport
As already said, count one hour and half for the check in of the luggage.


In brief, the bus is a quick, affordable way to go Benidorm.

At last, if you to read more about Benidorm you can find it on our page .

Important :   yourspain is not responsable for changes in the timetable .