Bus Alicante Airport to Murcia

Bus Alicante Airport to Murcia is easy and cheap.

First, Murcia is a beautiful city in the Murcia region.
RSo, rad more about in Murcia.
The most important for the many tourist is that there are 320 days of sun.
In fact, Murcia has a Mediterranean climate.

Murcia Cathedral
Murcia Cathedral

Now, to get to Murcia the public ALSA bus is a very good solution.
The bus takes the high way.
In the present, there is a daily service.
So it takes an hour to get with the bus Alicante airport to Murcia.
Below we posted the bus time-table.

Bus Alicante Airport to Murcia

As already mentioned, is an easy way to Murcia . Further it is quick and affordable.
As a result, the bus is easy, you know exactly when you leave and will arrive.

But you can also take a cab, count about 70 euro.
Or hire a car at the many rentals in the Alicante airport.

Furthermore, there is a trainstation nearby the airport , but you have ta take a taxi first to get  there .

Price of the Bus Alicante Airport to Murcia.

First, a ticket to Murcia cost you 8 euro.
Do you want already the return ticket it cost 15  euro together.
Children under the three years are free.
Between 4 and 12 years children get a discount of 30 %.

Bus Alicante Airport to Murcia
Bus Alicante Airport to Murcia

Where to buy a ticket.

The most easy way  to buy a ticket is on board by the driver.
Also in the airport is a sales point for the ALSA busses.
Naturally , you can also buy a ticket online on the website of the bus company.
While the app is also a possibility.

Where is the bus station?

On the second floor at the airport.
Specifically at the ALSA busstation.
Returning from Murcia there is a pick up at the Murcia busstation.

Facilities on the bus

Now, the bus company is working on a free Wifi .
Returning from Murcia ?
Equally important, make sure that you arrive at the airport of Alicante at least one hour and a half to check in your luggage.

The best, you can take 2 bags with you on the bus. In fact, the weight is maximum 30 kilograms.
After all, the bus has a large luggage space.

Schedule Bus from Alicante airport to Murcia

Because, the bus takes the highway there are no more extra other stops.
Now the service is every day of the year. In other words :365 day . In addition , count 60 minutes of  drive.

First busses at :

7:15      <====>     8:15
9:15      <====>    10:15
10:15     <====>     11:15
11:15     <====>     12:15
13:15     <====>     14:15
15:15     <====>     16:15
17:15     <====>    18:15
19:15     <====>    20:15
21:00     <====>    22:15

Bus schedule  Murcia to the airport

Then, leaving from Murcia the bus  to  the Alicante airport.

So, it is also one hour drive to the airport. As already said, count one hour and half for the check in of the luggage.

6:45     <====>     8:00
8:00     <====>     9:00
9:00     <====>     11:00
11:00     <====>   12:00
13:00     <====>     14:00
14:00     <====>     15:00
15:00     <====>     16:00
17:00     <====>     18:00
19:00     <====>     20:00
20:00     <====>     21:00

Naturally we want to give the correct information. But it is possible that the ALSA bus company changes the  schedule .
So, it is better to inform yourself before  taking  the bus.
Important : you can see the schedule also on their website ALSA.

But , Yourspain is not responsible for the changes  in route and schedule.