Enjoy Calpe at the Costa Blanca


Calpe is located in the norther part of the Costa Blanca.

First, Calpe is situated in the heart of the Valencia Province and is easy accessible by the local N 332 or by taking the motorway A7.
Next the town  is one hour drive from the airport of Alicante.
South of the municipal , the town of Altea is a quarter drive.
And at last Benidorm is a half hour drive by the N 332.

First of all Calpe has a wonderful mixture of old Valencian culture and modern tourist facilities. As a result, it is a great base from which the visitor can explore the local area or enjoy the many local beaches.
In fact, Calpe has three of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the coast.

Penon de Ifach Calpe .

The best landmark of Calpe is “El penon de Ifach”. Calpe is easy recognized for it giant Rock which rises 33 m of the Mediterranean sea.
In Spanish the island is called El peñon de Ifach , which is visible from the sea and kilometers away.
From the rock you get a fantastic views from the top ( 333 meters ). From there you can see the coastline as well as the nearby Sierra Helada next to Benidorm and as well the mountain ranges of the Sierra de Bernia.

The rock is since ages,  a guard over the sea and the mainland.
It is  easy ascent to the top, but you are not alone. The climb is very popular by regular mountain walkers. The path is formed by thousands of visitors before you. Like on every walk on a rock, take shoes with a good grip. With flip-flops the climb is difficult and often dangerous.

The rock a natural park.

First of all the island itself is a natural fauna and flora reserve. It is the home of colony’s of birds. Therefore it is for the lovers of walking  a fantastic walking route.
It is a nature reserve and you can climb it by a footpath.
Although people with fear of heights beware because on top there is no safety rail.

On the top, when the sky is clear, you can sometimes see the island of Ibiza.
At the front of the natural park, there is a parking.
Since the rock became so popular, recently  the access is limited during the summer season.
So a tip, It is better to arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Calpe Town

Calpe is not only on the beach and the famous rock. But Calpe has other things to offer. Indeed this town has a link with the Mediterean Sea and fishing. Many locals still relying on this trade to earn their money.
In the past , the town Calpe has changed from a little local fishing village in the 1950 into presently  a large tourist town .
Naturally, Calpe is very popular for its long, fine sandy beaches and many local fish restaurants.

The beaches of Calpe.

One either side of the huge rock there are beautiful beaches.
Both beaches have long sea front promenades with many bars and cafes. So you can take a long walk along the Mediterranean Sea.
Furthermore on the left and right side of the rock they are beautiful sandy, gold  beaches . As a result that they  are so wide, that you can always find a place on the beach.
And the best , the facilities are excellent. For example for the children there are many play areas on the beach. In short we are sure that the beaches are the place to relax with the all family.

The water quality of the sea  is excellent. And Calpe for instance, get the “Blue flag” which means that they are certified as being clean by the European Foundation for Environmental Education. Read our webpage about the important to have a Blue Flag.

35 lifeguards on the beach

At the start of the summer season  lifeguards are on their SOS  post on the beautiful beaches of Calpe.
The start of the season is the first of June until the 15 of October.
They have two boats to cover the 13 kilometers strip of the coastline of Calpe.

The lifeguards are on their post from 11 in the morning til 7 in the evening .


The great value restaurants are found around the harbor and the marina.
The local fish restaurants have the opportunity to cook with  fresh fish. So look for the display in front of the restaurant and bars . By looking a bit around , you can choose your own fish and the cook  will prepared  it for you.
The sea food platters are also a must.

Sea food
Sea food

The town center has many local shopping possibilities.

Now, the old town center of Calpe is still intact and contains influences of the Moorish domination.
So the city is very nice to strong along. There is enough to keep you busy for a whole day. You can wander around. But also the museums are worth a visit.

Roman pools of Calpe.

Halfway along Calpe promenade, there is a Roman site. This Roman site is interesting to visit. Till now, in the summer season it is a site you can cool off  and take a refreshing bath.
Due to their location nearby the Mediterranean Sea these Roman pools are full with sea water  that naturally drains out. And is recovered with high tide.
In the past, they were used to store fresh fish. Nearby are the RomanTherms.
But the Roman pools or ” The Queen’s  Baths ” is also one of the most  important Roman Ruins  in the region of Alicante. If you are intrested in teh Roman influence in Spain, then read more about it on our page Roman theater in Cartagena.
On the site  there are Roman villa’s and Mosaics.
The Roman site in Calpe is both on land and sea.   It isan important piece of cultural heritage .

" Queens Bath"
” Queens Bath”


A weekly street market take place on Saturday on the Avendia Del Norte in the old town.

The nice market is the meeting point for the expats and the locals.
First of all,  at the market there is fruit and vegetables for every day. But most of all a wide variety of leather goods, little jewelry, scarves, clothes, music and toys. In brief all goods to attract the tourist. The Calpe market is held the all year round.

In high season the market is very busy . As a result, that parking can be tough on this day.
So, the market start usually at 8.00 and finishes around 14.00 .
So take your time and enjoy the colors, the taste and the atmosphere of this local market.

Furthermore Calpe has lots of Pubs and Disco-bars and restaurants.  There is a great selection of restaurants to dine at.
Most of the Hotels and apartments have sea view. Behind these high-rise buildings are some salinas (which means salt lake in Spanish) .

Calpe Salt lake
Calpe Salt lake

Salt lakes of Calpe.

The salt lakes of Calpe are a part of the history.  This lakes  are great for watching the birds. In the “Salinas Natural”park you can easily stop and admire the home of  the pink flamingo’s .
In meantime , this lakes are a fragile eco-system. This eco system  can be affected by the floods and the  drought. Because  of the fragile eco system  wooden walk ways are been installed to prevent damage by the many visitors  of the migrating pink flamingos.
As a visitor you can get very close and observe the great variety of wildlife  and marine creatures.

The Salt lake are really a birth watchers paradise , with over 150 different species.
So you can see the elegant flamingos  throughout the year.
The parking places are on the side of the road.
The tourist office is on the opposite of the road of the Salinas, if you want more information.

Fish market of Calpe.

At the beginning Calpe was a fishing village, which reflects these days in its famous fish market. The fish market and the fish auction are really must-see events.
The fishing boats still arrive each day. they sell the  fresh fish at the quay where you can buy some delicious fish for yourself.
Take in the excitement of the daily auction as the fresh fish caught  by the fishermen go up for sale.

Near the fish market is also the place where the daily fish action takes places every day of the week at around 17:00 and last for around an hour and a half.
Presently, this  auction house is worth a visit, because you can see the different stages of the auction.
As an outsider/ tourist you can watch the auction in the viewing gallery .

In the fish market you can see the decoration by local artists.
The paintings represent different historical aspect of the town. And indeed scenes of daily life of the fisherman and also maritime legends.
If you go to the fish market and the fish auction  you will be able to see how the fisher boats  reach the harbor and unload their goods. The boxes full of fishes are placed on the quay.

Calpe Fisch market
Calpe Fisch market


Collectors Museum is located inside the tower Torrean de la Peca.
The museum holds the personal collections of the members of the Marina Alta Collectors Association. In fact the Association organised frequently different exhibitions and workshops.

Comic Museum is a lovely museum in the old town, with a collection of comic works .

Fiesta museum has the costumes from Calpe’s fiestas. For the Calpe people the most important annual Moors and Christians festival.

Calpe tram.

Most tourist are fond of Calpe and  his neighbor city .
So there is good news for the tram connection between the two city’s.
The tram stretch Altea and Calpe is reopen.
The line 9 Tram route  between Altea and Calpe  is open since May 2016.


A 9 million investment has made possible that the tram is running between Altea and Calpe.
In fact this include the renewal of the railway materials, the tunnel drainage , the reducing the risk of geological hazards and also adding the improving op the signalization.



As you can see Calpe is surely worth a visit or a holiday stay.There is enough to do in the town and to enjoy the beautiful beaches to keep you busy.

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