Cartagena a historical trip in time

Cartagena a historical trip to one of the oldest city of Spain.
There is a history waiting for you in this more than 2 000 year old City.

The city has over 12 museums, many buildings of interest, nice churches and a lots of monuments.
Especially relevant are the archaeological sites.

Time to discover.

You can take the hip hop tourist bus of a sail out to sea on the Tourist Boat.
As a result to get to known more about its fascinating history of Cartagena Spain.

For instance it is perfect to go to Cartagena when you are staying at Orihuela Costa.
It is a 45 minutes drive.
Or shorter if you come from the region of the Mar Menor.

Cartagena a historical trip, during the roman times

In the past, Cartagena became great during Roman times.
And was Spain base for the Spanish Navy since the start of the 18 century !
In the harbor is the National Museum of underwater Archaeology.
So, Cartagena is a town to take some timeout. Take your time to discover the old town with the characterful streets.
Relax en enjoy at one of the many restaurants and bars in the old town or at the waterfront in the harbor.

Cartagena town
Cartagena town

Roman theater.

Near the town hall are the remains of the Roman Theater. This is  theater is one of the most important in Spain.
The Roman Theater Museum of Cartagena  is discovered by chance in 1987. Since then is theater has been restored and is now a jewel
Most important, it is open to visitors.
First you can enjoy the indoor museum. In this museum are the artefacts found when excavating the Roman Theater.

Archaeological this Roman Theater is built between the 5 the and 1ste centurie before Christ .
But the building has remained hidden for several centuries;
That is the reason why it is still so intact.
When you are visiting Cartagena it is really a must to see.

The “Casa Fortuna” is a museum nearby the Roman Theater. This museum shows how the daily life of the Romans family was in the first century AD.

Cartagena a historical trip, the Conception castle.

Cartagena a historical trip
Cartagena a historical trip

You can make a great walk up to the hill to the Torres park.
On the top is the site of the “Conception castle”.
In the past this fortress was used as a strategic point. And this by the Carthaginians, later on the Romans, the Arabs and of course the Castilian.
“Castillo de la Conception” offers audio guide in Elglish, French and Spanish. This audio guides to improve  visitor information.
For a fee of 2 €, the audio guides offers a full history of Cartagena.  More specifically  on the castle itself, which is one of Cartagena oldest defenses.

On top of the hill you can visit the History and Medieval Cartagena Visitor Centre  ( cost : 5 €) .
It is worth visiting because you have a  extreme beautiful panoramic view  at  the whole city around you, the harbor, the several other hills with little Fortress.


The last four days of each month, the cathedral is open for visit.
The ancient Cartagena cathedral will be open to the public on the last four days of each month.
The Cathedral is next to the city center of the  city. It is a very popular tourist attraction .
On the  open doors day the cathedral will open from 10.00 till 12.00.
If you prefer, you can hire a guide.

Cartagena Cathedral
Cartagena Cathedral

The mean street.

Besides this nature and culture walk  you can explore the other side of Cartagena.

Indeed take a walk along the Mean street , the “Calle Real”, the Town Hall and The Casino. Furthermore the” Gran Hotel”, the railway station and several other beautiful houses and monuments.

Cartagena Casino
Cartagena Casino

For is the best way to learn about the lovely Spanish city is easy. Sit down in one of the many bars and relax and watch the world go by.

Nearby the main street there is a statut of a naked man.
It is a huge bronze statue.
The man is sitting without hope .
It is 5 metres height.
And it is a hommage to th victims of terrorisme, where ever in the world.

Cartagena a historical trip
Cartagena a historical trip

To end , Cartagena a historical trip

So Cartagena is worth a historical trip.
But Cartagena is a nice city to visit.
The harbor, the shopping streets and as you read the historical back ground.
Nearby is also a nice beach in a pittoresk bay wit a Fish restaurant.
The beach is made of two small bays.
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