Cartagena military city in Murcia

Cartagena military city since ages. It is located in the South of Spain.
At the beginning, is was founded during the Punic wars.In other words, already two hundred years before Christ .
Also during the middle ages, the city was very important as a military base.
Because of its excellent location. Nearby a large bay and the Mediterranean sea. Surrounded bij protecting mountains.
Even today, it is one of the most important headquarters of the Spanish navy.
Still housing the military training schools.
But also the submarine headquarters of Spain.

In the middle ages

For instance, is was always the central place for the military training schools. Even in the 16 the century.
Not for the ordinary soldiers but for the elite units.
So, it is really a training academy.

Cartagena military city
Cartagena military city

Cartagena military city

Now, is still one of the most important headquarters for the submarines.
Today, Cartagena has many fortress and castles. But also coastal batteries as a prove of his military history.
The best is , for us as tourist that many are free for visit.
Some of them has been restored. For instance the “Castillo de Conception”.
Similarity the “Fuerte de la Navidad” battery.
In fact, you can visit the many witnesses of the past.

Cartagena military city

Cartagena military history is now a part of the tourist service.
Because they are a part of the Puerto de Culturas tourist foundation.
This foundation is responsable for most of the many monuments.
In short, for all the military monuments and civil monuments.

Cartagena military city

For instance, the military monuments of Cartagena cover the whole bay.
So, is it is a part of the coastline.

This coastline goes from Calblanque , near the Mar Menor to Cabo Tinoso.
In fact, the military defenders did have a nearly endless over look over the sea.
Some of the monuments have a important key role in the history of Cartagena.

You can have a splendid panorama over the city and the bay.

Very worth a visit is the “Castillo de la Conception”.

Cartagena military city
Cartagena military city

Close to the harbor is one of the favorite panorama point in the city.
It is open for public.

To conclude

Cartagena is a city worth a visit , if you like cultural and history .
But also for nice restaurants and bars.
In addition there is a nice shopping boulevard with lots of well known Spanish brands.

Furthermore, Cartagena is a beautiful city in the south of Spain.
So, you can feel the real Spain. It is also loved by the many Spanish visitors.
It is a part of the Murcia region.
All in all , there are many interesting things to do and to visit.

Besides is also a city nice to visit for the remaining of the Roman theater .