Cordoba patio festival in Andalucia

Cordoba patio festival .
During this festival de los Patios de Cordobeses , Cordoba’s beautiful patios are opened to the public for a week.
This festival is usually celebrated in the second and the third week of May.
You can make a perfumed walk trough the private patios in the old quarter.

Cordoba patio festival
Cordoba patio festival

Cordoba patio festival and competitions

More than 50 patios open their doors to the visitors.
This happens during fixed times.
Usually from 11 to 14 . Then a siƫsta . Open again from 16 till 22 .
Be aware that it can be very busy.
Many of the patios take part in competitions . Because they want to reserve traditions but als stimulate innovation.

Two categories : The ancient way and the modern way

So two categories have been created.
The ancient architecture and the modern architecture.
The tradition also include decorating balconies in the Old town with floral arrangements .
A feast for the eye and the soul.

Cordoba patio festival
Cordoba patio festival

Fiestas Cordoba patio festival

In every patio is dancing and singing.
Here in Spain they like to make from every moment a special moment.
As we are in Cordoba in the south of Spain of course the flamenco is not missing.
The flamenco is a part of the tradition of Cordoba.

Cordoba Flamenco
Cordoba Flamenco


Most of the festivities can be found in the part of the town called “San Basilio” quarter .
San Basillo is the western most district of the historic venter of the town.
Of course activities include dance parties and performances by local danse and singing groups.
That is really the moment to enjoy really Spain life.
For instance, you can relax in one of the inviting tapas bar, bodegas or terrace .
Where the local people from Cordoba the “cordobeses ” and the tourists , young and old, come together to enjoy life.
To drink wine or copa and eat a local tasty tapa.

When is the Cordoba patio festival in next years ?

Mostly the first two weeks of may . From 2 may till 15 may .

More to visit in Cordoba

There is more to visit in Cordoba a town with al large history. .
We have a separate page on all the unmissable monuments of this Unesco world Heritage Site .
Take your time to visit the Mezquita and the Juderia.
A joy to do in this beautiful city .

Cordoba mezquita
Cordoba mezquita