Cycling along the canal Orihuela Crevillente

Cycling along the canal Orihuela Crevillente is one of the trips you can do at the Costa Orihuela.

To start is is a ride of 50 kilometers .
The most of it, alongside the Service Canal. So the service way is suitable for every one . No ramps, no climbs and nearly no traffic.

Also important : this region is beautiful to cycle.
Now, the way next to the irrigation canals are open for public use.
Normally only for service cars and bicycles.
But the canals have also forbidden signs on their gates.
Because the acces point can be closed in case of flood and heavy rain .
Recently, there are more and more people who use the service way .
Because there is hardly no traffic, the route is popular to make a walk, to cycle, or to sport.

Cycling along the canal Orihuela Crevillente

The cycling route is easy and relax. there are no climbs and ramps.
Of course , you have to avoid cycling to close to the canal.
To avoid the risk of falling.

This cycling path give you a good idea how the many orchards get their water.
Such as orange trees, olive trees, lemon trees and almond trees.
But also artichokes and onion plantations.

In spring the almonds trees gave their blossoms. It is a sea of pink and white flowers.
In winter the orange trees start to blossoms. The smell is overwhelming.
It is smell you want to keep in a bottle for ever . The Spanish call it : ” El mejor perfume de Azahar ”

Cycling along the canal Orihuela Crevillente
Cycling along the canal Orihuela Crevillente

When you are cycling , you can enjoy the environment. You can see the mountains of Crevillente, Orihuela and Callosa.

Start point.

Normally it is from Crevillente station . Or from Orihuela station.
You can start in the middle.

You can make a stop in every village you go trough.
In particular you can find bars and tapas bars. Or make a stop in one of the little restaurants with the ” menu del dia” .
Naturally you can also take your picnic with you.

Fauna and Flora

Along the canal there are all sort of birds you can observe.
In the canal but also in the lands around you.
But also rabbits.

To end

Enjoy your cycling along the canal Orihuela Crevillente.