Kayak at the Costa Blanca ?

Kayak is not the first thing you thing about when you hear Costa  Blanca.

But the coast of Alicante is popular for all sort of active holidays.







Mostly people thing about the Costa  Blanca, the blue sea , the white sandy beaches  and the sun 320 days a year .

The coast of the Costa Blanca is the part of the Mediterranean Sea coast who is just in front of Alicante.
The  region of Alicante is a mountainous region.
The mountains often end in the sea and creative cliffs. At the beach there are nice beautiful coves.

Active holidays

In the mountains you can go for hiking or  for cycling. You will be surprised of the beautiful panorama.
In the mountains of the Alicante region you can find routes and paths.
More information are available at the tourist information offices in the different towns.



Kayak and other watersports

When you are kayaking you enjoy the sea . But also the wonderful beaches and the seascapes along the coast.
Along the Costa Blanca, there are many marinas. There you can the information about sailing or other watersports.

At the beaches there are many  possibilities for paddle surfing, surfing, snorkeling, diving and of course kayak.

If you want to go for kayaking there are many sport organisation , where you can hire a kayak . They organise also guided day trips.  The meeting point is mostly at the beach. Or they also can pick you up at the hotel.
More about the  marinas and other useful data  at the tourism offices.

Kayaking is a sport for old and young.

It is an open air sport which you can do withoyt a high physic level. To do kayak you have to wait till the weather conditions are good and then you can go. You can take your time and enjoy the nature.

Of course, as we already said you informe yourself about the forecast in advance.
It is also good to  take a good sun protector. A bottle of water and energy rich foods.
If you like kayaking you have knowledge about the self rescue techniques, the so called eskimo roll.

You can do kayak  at the Marina Alta

This part of the coast is situated in the North of the province.
The Marina Alta is popular for kayak.
The hinterland mountains reach the coast in cliffs .
Popular are the many beautiful rocky coves. The place to be is for example  : Javea but also Denia or Benissa.
The coast line is full of diversity.








Kayak at the Marina Baixa

Is the part of the region i the middle of the Alicante province. The region has many fine sand beaches.  Most of the beaches has Blue Flag . Read about the Blue Fag on our page.
Those on route for  a long distance kayaking are able  to enjoy the scenery and see the marine  fauna.
At the many beaches you can make a stop for a swim.

Or take a snack at the many beach bars.

The most populair place at the Marina Baixa is of course:  Benidorm.



And Kayak at the south of the Costa Blanca

The south of the regions is famous for it beautiful dunes and long beaches.
But also for the many wetlands and salt lakes.
The salt lakes are in Santa Pola and La Mata Torrievieja.
The wetlands are in Elche , El Hondo.
Especially Guardamar is well kwon for its sand dunes. Sure wort a visit.







This part of the region start at Alicante and ends at the border with Murcia region at the Pilar de la Horadada.

Kayak Pilar de Horadada
Kayak Pilar de Horadada


To end

The Costa Blanca is of an exceptional natural beauty . The beautiful crystal clear sea, the many hidden caves and the breath-taking cliffs
Nice about kayak that you can enjoy it with the  family or alone. With a group of friends or with a guide.