Elche Jazz festival

Elche Jazz festival is  one of the good things in Elche.
But Elche is also great is holiday destination. Famous for his palm forest and the Dama the Elche.
So a mix of culture ans sun and sea is ideal.


Once the summer season starts at the Costa Blanca there are Jazz festivals in several places.

One of the most well-known is the one in San Javier Jazz festival who has celebrate his 21 years anniversary.  Read more about it on our web page San Javier Jazz festival .

Elche Jazz festival

As we already mentioned the Elche Jazz festival is one of the good things of Elche.

Indeed, there are eight concerts in one week.  So it will be 8 nights of music. Till now, the 2018 festivals is one of the biggest. In the past, it started very small, it has been growing in years time.

Also important , the  jazz festivals take place at  Altamira palace. In one of the patios: the Patio de Armas

Elche Jazz festival
Elche Jazz festival







It starts  from Friday the 29 June and go on till the Sunday 8 of July. All concerts starts at 22:30.

Elche Jazz festival
Elche Jazz festival

Eights nights of music

The honor to start the festival goes to the  Elche born singer Nacho Casado.

Next day is the   ” Presuntos Implicados band member, Nacho Mano and Gisele Renes.

The most important international artist is the Cuban pianist  Pepe Rivero.

His concert is followed a performance by the ” Jazzzmatiks ”  a four piece band.

Do you prefer sax music? Yes !
Next up is a saxophonist of the region, the  Valencian Perico Sambeat .
His and his musicians will be inspired by Frank Zappa.
So, they will perform a improvisations and arrangements based on his music.

Perhaps you prefer Blues  music.  “Mr Groovy and the blue heads” is a quintet of rhythm and blues musicians.

Next day  is the  singer Carmen Paris on stage. This lady and her band pays a fusion of  jazz and flamenco.
So, you really hear her Andalusian  roots in  her music.

The last day  of the Elche Jazz festival will be  the trio of female singers : “Vintage Music box .”
You will be delighted by the ladies.

If you want to hear the music, before going to the concert  you can listen  to a well-known streaming canal of on you tube on the internet. So you gave a good idea what to expect.


Tickets are available  at the “Gran Teatro” box office. But also online.
The cost of one ticket is 10 euro. But on the night, it cost 15 euro.

Remember : all concerts starts at 22:30.

To conclude

So Elche is  a great holiday destination for the music lovers and the beach lovers.

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