English movies at the Costa Blanca

On this page we will give you more information where they show English movies with subtitles at the Costa Blanca.


Indeed, it was hard for us to find a cinema with English movies with Spanish subtitles.
So we had to call several cinema to find an nearest cinema.
Indeed, there are some cinemas on the Costa Blanca that show English movies . Some of them even with Spanish subtitles.

English movies
English movies


English movies : VO or VOS ?

But if you known how to look , you found them.
First, these films are listed as VO. VO means Version Original.
The, others are listed as VOS. VOS means version original subtitled.
So, when you are looking for the films screened in English look for ” VO” or ” VOS”.
Indeed, you find it standing beside the listing.
But  take care : VO films do means Version Original. They are not always in English.
It can also be a french movie or an Italian movie.
To find more about the film and the language , you can use the search option on internet.

Some cinemas advertising VO. So good , so far. But they show the film in Spanish and transmit the original version soundtrack via headphones. It is up to you to  decide if this is comfortable.
Mostly they are available at the cinema front desk
So you can rent a headset to listen to the soundtrack. Mostly there are available with a deposit. Cinemas refund the deposit.

Cinemas showing English movies .

Cine Colci in Benidorm.
Cine Roma at Alfa del Pi.
Torrevieja Cultural Centre in Torrevieja.
Kinepolis at Alicante
Cine Centrofama at Murcia.
Centro Comercial Las Velas Murcia.

Cine Las Velas in Los  Alcazares.
Las Filipinas Community Centre Film Club.
Cinemapillar at Pilar de la Horadada.

In most cinema , you can even book your tickets online and reserve your wanted seat.

English movies
English movies


The prices of a normal tickets is around the 7 euro for adults. For children the price  is around 5 euro.
Some times discounts are available. Cinemas give discount depending on the time of the film.
Mostly the matinée performances.

Some city or town have a “casa de cultura”. That means they have cinema at the cultural houses . With a little luck they also shows English movies with subtitles.