European Health Insurance Card EHIC

First : are you on holiday , or are you mainly living in Spain ?
Then get yourself at home the  European Health Insurance card or EHIC.
Because it is better to be inform before you get ill and need to go to the doctor or the Hospital.

EHIC European Health Insurance Card
EHIC European Health Insurance Card


What is EHIC ?

EHIC is an European Health Insurance card.
This important free card gives you access to the necessarily healthcare during a temporary stay in an other country than your homeland.
The EHIC (European Health Insurance card) is your assurance in 28 countries of the EU under the same conditions and cost as the people are insures in that country ( sometimes free services) .
After all , in the EU country’s healthcare is different, the services of this healthcare is different to.
So some services who are free at home might not be free in your holiday country.
The EHIC cards are issued by your proper health insurance provider.
Health care professionals abroad prefer to work with a patient with an EHIC. Indeed the EHIC is a proof that you are insured at home and that they will get their money.

What is the EHIC (European Health Insurance card.) not ?

In fact the EHIC card is NOT a replacement for your usual travel assistance . It is only for your health-costs and will NOT  buy you a return flight on the cost of the card.
If you want to go to a country, for example for the express purpose of a medical treatment, than the EHIC does NOT cover this.
Additionally the European Health Insurance card is NOT valid for private treatment.

You must request a EHIC for each member of the family.
The Health Insurance card is valid for 1 year. Make sure you gave a valid travel insurance

How can I request European Health Insurance card ?

Besides you only can request the card from the insurer at home or trough the website of EHIC in your homeland.
The insurer is obliged to provide the European Health Insurance card but it make 1 to 2 weeks before you receive in your house.
Apply directly trough the website of EHIC is generally faster.






European Health Insurance Card EHIC
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European Health Insurance Card EHIC
EHIC is the European Health Insurance Card