Eurovelo 8 or Mediterranean Corridor Cycle

Eurovelo 8 is a cycling route who connects many destinations at the Mediterranean sea.
The destinations are very popular city’s . So it is the moment to discover the city of your to do list.
For example Cadiz, Granada, Almeria, Elche, alicante, Valencia, Barcelona…
But also in France, Nice or Monaco.
In Italy : Venice and his famous canals.
Further more the Croatians coats.
To end in Athene.

Eurovelo 8 in South Europe

The project, managed by the European cycling federation, has
already 45 000 kilometers of cycling routes all over South Europe.
For the moment it pass trough 11 countries.
Once when it will be e complete, it will cover more than 70 000 kilometers.

So on your bike, you can enjoy the blue azul Mediterranean sea. But also the many beaches , some of them with kilometers white sand.
Or do you prefer to admire the many coves or the nearby islands in the sea ?

Furthermore, you cross several city’s full of culture and history.
In brief, you can visit 23 world Heritage sites.


Eurovelo 8 in Spain

On your bike tour you can admire the beauty of Granada and the Alhambra.
Or Barcelona with his Sagrada Familia. One of the master pieces of Gaudi.

Each region in Spain has it own traditions.
So biking along the coast of Spain is the moment to explore the fiestas , the tapas or the wine. But also the culture and the local people.
So your bike brings you from Andalusia trough Almeria to the Murcia region.
Andalusia is well know for it Moorish culture.

Eurovelo 8 and the Valencia region

The Eurovelo project pass trough the province of Valencia.
So it is a part of the meditrean Corridor cycle which is nearly 6000 kilometers long

The Valencian regional goverment has invested nearly 4.5 million.
The first phase has already started.

Now Eurovelo covers 130 kilometers . The cycling route will using the road network. But also trails, paths and other existing cycling routes.

For instance, you can visit the castle or the harbor of Alicante .

But further away North you take a stop at the historic center of Valencia .
But also the famous natural park “Albufera.”. Or one of the other four natural parks.
It is the place to eat a good paella.

Valencia Ciudad artes Y ciencias
Valencia Ciudad artes Y ciencias

In 2020, it will cover more than 500 kilometers.
The cycling path will be the link between more than 70 city’s and villages. Who are important for their ” artistic and cultural intrest”.


To end

The cycling route is not fully realized , as you see on the plan.
But one finished it will be a delight to cycle trough the Mediterranean coast.