Evening flight on Sunday: where to shop?

Evening flight on Sunday: where to shop?

Often we have already landed on Sunday afternoon in Alicante airport .
We then drive on to one of the beautiful coasts of the Costa Blanca.
But if you are not at the hotel then you may have to look to do the first shopping.

But we usually solve this by stopping in the many restaurants or bars.
They are open at the many holiday places.

Spanish family Sunday Lunch

Because the Spaniards usually go out to dinner with their family on Sunday afternoon.
From three o’clock in the afternoon they arrive in groups in the restaurant.
The grandparents, the parents, the children and the grandchildren;
Family is and remains important for the Spaniards.
That is why we like to enjoy the family atmosphere in the many restaurants.
We are looking for a restaurant with either a beautiful view or a terrace in the sun.
The holiday then starts very well.
You can also ask for tapas on Sundays and you don’t have to take the full menu.

For the evening we usually opt for a takeaway meal in one of the many Chinese or Indian restaurants.
We are guaranteed to always receive a bottle of wine from the house.

But with a morning flight we first stopped for breakfast.
Either juice, coffee and tostados con tomate.
Or an English breakfast.

Evening flight on Sunday: where to shop?

If you arrive in Spain on a Sunday, all shops will be closed.
Where will you do your shopping?

Evening flight on Sunday: where to shop?
Evening flight on Sunday: where to shop?

In some gas stations.
They are open 24 hours . Seven days a week.
Because they have a small shopping section.
You can go there to buy the essentials.
You can buy water and other drinks there.
Also bread, sweets , sandwiches and milk.
So you can definitely bridge to Monday.
Then all shops will be open again.

Flight on Sunday: where to shop on Orihuela Costa ?

Orihuela Costa and the Valencia region are required to close their shops on Sundays.
But there are exceptions from April to December.
See for instance opening hours and days La Zenia Boulevard.

But we drive on Sunday afternoon to the Murcia region.
For example to Lo Pagan where for example Lidl is open or San Pedro del Pinitar.
Some shops there are open until 9 pm.