Flood and heavy storm in the Alicante Murcia region.

The flood and heavy storm were predicted by the weather system.  Most people were alerted of this potential very dangerous weather.

In the east part of Spain this has affected the region Alicante and Murcia. Resulting in flooding and heavy storm hitting the region and the rest of Spain.
The worst of the heavy storms ware expected on Saturday 17 December and on Sunday the 18 December 2016.

All resident where alerted and asked to follow the advises given on the  weather station.

Extreme care was asked from the travelers on the road. The government and the emergency services asked even as to stay home.

Result of the Flood and heavy storm.

Sewage not able to handle the Flood and heavy storm picture taken around Mar Menor
Sewage not able to handle the Flood and heavy storm picture taken around Mar Menor


Tree blocking road around the Mar menor during flood and storm
Tree blocking road around the Mar menor during flood and storm

The storm has caused severe damage even life in the Murcia region.
The area has received more than 200 liters of rain per square meter in less than 3 days.

The result of the rainstorm are blocked roads by falling trees and streets turning to rivers.

Due to the flood there is serious damage to the streets, the farmland and public facilities.
The heavy flood has also damage many houses.
Hundred of residents had been evacuated from their homes in Orihuela, San Javier and Los Alcazares nearby the Mar Menor.
More than 200 people were taken to emergency shelters.
Across the Murcia region the flood dozen of roads were closed due to falling rocks and stones.

The regions came under a flood after the rainstorm  off water and mud.

Many little rivers and ramblas became large mud-streams which water over the nearby streets .
The shopping mall of “Dos mares” in San Javier was closed due the rain and the mud inside the mall. Even the Eroski was closed.

Tap water not drinkable.

In Alcazares tap water is declared undrinkable. The residents can not use the water for cooking also.
Because  the pipes of the tap water were damaged and the mud had entered the water system.
So residents can not use the tap water and are now using bottled water until he weekend of Christmas.

Severe wind during Flood and Heavy Storm

Not only the rain was a problem but also the wind.
There were waves on the Mediterranean Sea reaching heights of 4 meters.
This lead to the  many beaches where no longer a beach existed but just water.
Many of the beach bars were closed or removed.
The ships have stayed in the security of the harbor. in the region of Valencia even some boats have stranded.


Campoamor beach during the Flood and Heavy Storm
Campoamor beach during the Flood and Heavy Storm.


Many roads around the famous Mar Menor where flooded.
Especially the town of Los Alcazares and San Ribeira.

The Mar Menor received the flood of water from the nearby agricultural regions.


During the storm, snow fell in the higher region of Alicante and Murcia and Andalusia.

Now, after the flood and the heavy storm is gone, the work begins.

Now that the sun returns the region looks at the coast of the flood after rainstorm.
The south-east coast  is in recovery status after the worst flood for nearly 30 years.
The government visited the many towns to see the sever damage.
They decide that a team of special experts will be sent to the region of Murcia. Specifically to the region of Carthagena and the Mar Menor. where the damage is the worst for the Mar Menor region.
This experts will help the residents to inventory the damage.
The government will start with a help fund. The locale goverment has vowed to declare the region of the Mar Menor and Orihuela as a disaster area. So the residents can easier claim compensation.
Many of the towns need now volunteers and scouts to clean up the houses and streets.

Emergency calls.

During the weekend, there were more than 3500 emergency calls.

The emergency services focus now on pumping out the water and mud flood out of the underground parking’s.
And a week after the storm, some streets and roads are still covered by mud.

On the beaches all sand washed into the sea, leaving the beaches blank.
But at 24 december we revisited the beaches of Campoamor and Mil Palmeras and nature gives back the natural sand on the beaches.
On Tuesday the local goverment was already started to clean up the popular beaches of the Orihuela Costa . More specifically , the Zenia beaches and Playa Flamenca.

Flood and Heavy Storm in Campoamor Orihuela Costa
Flood and Heavy Storm in Campoamor Orihuela Costa









The farmlands.

The crops are destroyed by the flood.
The Murcia region is the natural green garden of the Costa.
The region is wellknow for his  cauliflower  artichokes, lettuce, broccoli , courgette and peppers. All of then are destroyed.
The citrus fruits, orange and lemon were found by kilo’s every where, even on the beach.
They were all taken by the flood.
The orange and lemon trees are stronger, so they will be safe and survive the flood.

The Mar Menor and the Flood.

The scientists will investigate how the flood has affected the natural balance of the Mar Menor.
The flood have dumped water from the farming land into the Mar Menor.
The ground and mud full if fertilizers and nitrates.
So the regional councilor for environment will study the influence on the fragile lagoon.