Gazpacho and Salmorejo: the difference between

What is the difference between Gazpacho and Salmorejo ?

Gazpacho and Salmorejo
Gazpacho and Salmorejo

Both are  famous cold soup in Spain.
Every body who like to travel in Spain knows what Gazpacho is.
First, it is a cold healthy soup based on tomatoes and other vegetables . So, it is pure veganism .
The vegetables are raw. No fish or meat in it.

But in the south of  Spain, in Andalusia  there is an another cold soup who is mare creamy , the Salmorejo.
Often the locals prefer the Salmorejo.

The  ingredients are similar  but the preparation is different. Also the taste and the texture is different.

Both , the Gazpacho and the Salmorejo are delicious . Naturally, they are very healthy soups fill of vitamins.

For example, you can prepare it as a tapa . But also as a main course or a side dish.
You can serve it in a glas . Or in a little terracota bowl.
Because it is cold, it so popular on a hot day in the South of the Costa Blanca.

Of course, you can buy very good gazpacho and Salmorejo in the supermarket but you can always try to make it yourself .

How you make Gazpacho and Salmorejo


A good thing is very easy to make your own cold soup.
To start you need a blender and raw vegetables.
Count  about 1 kilogram of ripe red tomatoes .
Peeled  un seed the tomatoes. Then you can cut into chunks.
Then  a half cucumber peeled and cut into chunks.
Further one red pepper ( paprika ) chopped.
One green pepper ( paprika) chopped
Furthermore 3 garlic cloves
Then a table-spoon of olive oil .
At last, one cup of water.
If you want add salt and sherry vinegar.

Then, we can start with the gazpacho.
Blend all the vegetables in your blender.  But if it’s a to creamy, add slowly another cup of water.

Now, your gazpacho is ready.
Put it in the refrigerator. It is on its best :  ice-cold.
You can also add a little bit of olive oil on top of your glass



As you can see, Gazpacho and Salmorejo have some same ingredients .
But Salmorejo is prepared with old bread.
So the bread gives the soaps a thicker, creamy texture.
Furthermore, Salmorejo is garnished with Spanish Serrano ham and hard-boiled eggs.
Because  it is more thicker it is also used as a base for sauce.

Gazpacho and Salmorejo
Gazpacho and Salmorejo

What do you need ?

About a kilogram red tomatoes.
A one day old baguette bread. Cut in little pieces .
Also a medium cucumber. Again peeled and chopped.
A chopped green pepper .
Two garlic cloves
Two tablespoons of olive oil .
Sherry vinegar , one tea-spoon.
If you want salt and pepper.
And for garnish two hard-boiled eggs. And Spanish Serrano ham.

Now the preparation.

Als the ingredients in the blender. And mix it.
Leave it a half hour in the refrigerator. Salmorejo is served at room temperature.
Before serving prepare the topping.
At last  chop the hard boiled eggs and the Serrano ham.
Place it on top, as delicious garnish.


Where you can buy a good Gazpacho and Salmorejo ?

The consumers in Spain have chosen three gazpacho as the best .
On the first place the one of the Lidl : ” Chef Select Traditional”.
On the second place the one of the El Corte Ingles ” Aliada Gazpacho Tradicional” .
Then on the third place the one of the Mercadona : Hacendo.
They are all sold at a price around 1.50 euro.

The same community of consumers in Spain have chosen three salmorejo as the best.
The number one is ” Alvalle Salmorejo ” . You can buy it in the large malls.
On the second place, the one of the Mercadona  ” Salmorejo al estilo Cordobes de Hacendo”.
On the third place ” La Huerta de Hacendado” again from the supermarket Mercadona.

The Salmorejo are sold at a price around three euro.

To conclude

Gazpacho and Salmorejo are both delicious and healthy. Really Spanish delight.
Enjoy !