The highly anticipated High-speed Train Alicante Madrid a fact.

In the past the High-speed Train Alicante Madrid was only a dream and project of the Spanish RENFEE.

High-speed train Alicante Madrid
High-speed train Alicante Madrid

Now , at last  the  High speed train Alicante Madrid is a fact.
A fast and efficient link between the two capitals is fundamental.
The first high speed train between Alicante and Madrid had arrived in Alicante at the end of June. At that instant of the inauguration  were president Rajoy accompanied by the Prince Felipe of Spain.
In 2 hours and 35 minutes the train will bring you from Madrids Atocha station to Alicante station. in particular, the train rides at its maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

The future of the High-speed train Alicante Madrid

in the future , by the end of the year, when all the tracks have been adapted, the time will be reduced even more to just two hours.
indeed the rail operator RENFE announced that the High speed train Alicante Madrid  service will use the models S 100 and S 112 trains. This models of train are equipped with the latest technology.
In fact, the S 100 can carry 332 passengers and the S 112 can carry 365 passengers. Equally important, each seat comes with a folding table, audio and video connections.
Both trains offers this possibility’s   to the travelers, who need to use their smart phones and laptop computers.
The High speed train Alicante Madrid AKA as  Ave high-speed train creates 735 new jobs.
As a result, Spanish tourists will now not only come to Alicante in spring and summer. But instead they will come the whole year round creating business and golf tourism.

On the website from the Renfe everything is very clear. The Spanish page can be translated to English.
Along the one way and return you  can just choose how many people and the come the result.
Equally important is that how earlier you book, how cheaper the tickets.
In particular for instant  for booking  a first class ticket  it can be around 45 € online.
In the station the price is nearly double.
Similarly the price also changes if you book for a senior or a child.

Madrid station.

In Madrid there are two stations,the “Chamartin” and the ” Atocha” station. First the biggest station, the Atocha station.
As a result this station serves also the high speed trains. Also important that the Metro is nearby.
After all in Madrid, like in every large city, the metro  is the easiest and cheapest  way of learning to know a city.
The Atocha station is large, it is a crossing between a shopping center and a station. As a result there also many places to drink and eat.
Inside there is a” customer service” to help you. All the departure and arrival boards are clear .