High-speed trains in Southern Spain

High-speed trains or Ave makes you possible to explore southern Spain on a comfortable way.
AVE means Alto Velocidad EspaƱola
For instance , Alicante and Valencia are is the beating heart of the Costa Blanca.
From Valencia to Madrid it is 95 minutes training with the
High-speed train.
So where you are staying in Valencia you can easy explore the rest of Spain .
On the other side, from Madrid to the Costa Brava it is two and a half hours.
By train you can visit some of Spain most important city’s.
Without driving or being in an traffic jam.

High-speed trains
High-speed trains

High-speed trains good for your ecological footprint

It is a easy, new way to travel. Good for your ecological footprint.
But it is also a nice train experience.
This AVE experience can offer you as a tourist a large flexibility.
It is up to you to plan your journey.
With the Ave high-speed trains you decide where you want to go.
Some examples of destinations : Albacete in the Murcia region,
Alicante and Valencia in the Valencia region.
Antaquera in Andalusia nearby Sevilla . But also Sevilla city .
Also to the city neighbor Cordoba. Furthermore Malaga in the same province.
As we already mention : Barcelona in Catalonia .

With the train it is possible to explore the cultural heritage of Spain.
Not only the history, the leisure but also the gastronomic and the wine.

High-speed trains network

In addition the train has not reaches the city of Murcia. The line is under construct. Alicante – Murcia will be open in 2020.
Further on the same traject is also the city of Cartagena.

Facilities of the High-speed trains

The trains offers different facilities to the travelers.
On the train there is a possibility to eat or drink something in the restaurant and bar.
Furthermore there is a free internet connection and power sockets. On the train you can buy newspapers and magazines.
Also audio system with film and music channels and entertainment for the youngest.
If you book a ticket with the high speed you get also discount at several museums.

On board, there is also air conditioning.
Of course, there are facilities for disable people.


Your reservations can be done on internet. But also at the trainstations.
Tip :
Do it as far in advance as possible.
Groups get reduces prices.


The High-speed trains covers for the moment 3 100 km of track.
In Europe this is one of the longest network.
The speed of the trains goes up to 310 km/h. So it is a relax and fast connections between the cities of Spain.
It is an example or traveling in the future. It is a modern trains systeem.

With the train you can explore Spain from the train widow.
Together with your family or friends.
Good to known is that more cities are being added as destination to the list.