Inheritance in Spain

Inheritance in Spain is not so easy.
If a relative who lives in Spain passed away in Spain it is better to look for a appointment with a professional in Spain.
So this person can assist you with this matter.
Because it ca n become quite complex.

The first thing the professional will demanded is a original death certificate.
If your family died in Spain it will be a Spanish certificate.

This document has to be sent to the Ministerie of Justice with an application to obtain the last will if you don know it yourself.

This certification will state if their is a will who was signed in Spain.
The identity of the notary who authorized . But also the date and the town.

Inheritance in Spain

If you are the beneficiaire you will be advised to ask for a document ” power of attorney to your representative.
With this document you can obtain a NIE number.

A list of the family relative past away assets in Spain will have to be provided to your representative.
So they can obtain the bank accounts , the vehicle and the real estate .

Your appointed representative can be apply tho this information.

Once it has been complete a document will have to be signed at the notary office.
This is the deeds of inheritance acceptance.

Inheritance in Spain
Inheritance in Spain

Tax will have to been paid in the first six months .

If there is no will ,it is more difficult.

In general it is very important for anyone of the UK who owns a property in Spain to grant a Spanish will.
By doing this simple process one will avoid a lot of paperwork and expenses to the beneficiary when the times comes.

To conclude

Make your advanced planning of your death and caring.
Make a Spanish will for anyone is no longer a member of the European community.
For the members of the European communion the will in the homeland is important.