InterContinental Murcia

In the first place , the InterContinental Murcia Mar Menor Golf Resort and Spa is a luxury resort.
This hotel is situated in the region of Murcia.

InterContinental Murcia
InterContinental Murcia

As Murcia is located in the south east of Spain, between Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol the weather is very good.
This part of the Spanish coast is also called Costa Calida. Indeed this means the warm coast.

Indeed, the climate is a Mediterranean climate. As a result very warm summers and the others season are  very smooth .


The resort.

Again, the InterContinental Murcia Mar Menor resort is beautiful.
Equally important is that most of the rooms have a stunning view on the landscaped outdoor pool and the golf. Specifically  f
or the experts: it is a 18 hole golf course.
During the time while the ladies are enjoying the treatments in the Spa, the men can have a great day playing golf. Or visa versa.


Intercontinental Murcia Mar Menor Spain
Spa at the Intercontinental Murcia Mar Menor Spain
Intercontinental Murcia Mar Menor
Intercontinental Murcia Mar Menor

Further on , there are 64 luxury rooms.
In the spacious suites , you find everything you need and most of them have private balconies.

Indeed , in the InterContinental there is also a luxury Spa. This Spa got an indoor pool and a lot of wellness treatments.
The best is that this treatments are holistic. As a result that the caring is a total caring of head and  This total luxury caring is personalized with excellent trained employees.
The Spa Treatments can be for example  an Ayurveda treatment, a hot stone treatment, body massages, body wraps or intensive facial cares.

The resort is a place where you can combine the best of pleasure with sports, spa  and culture.
Naturally this 
 5 star hotel is fabulous and very good maintained.


First all the  rooms are lovely, with spacious bathrooms. Some rooms have a Jacuzzi.
Then , the beds are very comfortable and the pillows very good.
Next, all the rooms have English TV stations and free WiFi.
And on the balcony you can have a fantastic view on the resort.

intercontinental Rooms
intercontinental Rooms


Consequently,there are different restaurants like a Mediterranean restaurant, an Italian restaurant and a Japanese restaurant.
In fact, there are excellent and correct prized. Consequently, the Mediterranean restaurant is specialized in Murcian traditional cuisine. The traditional local rice dishes are delicious.

Now, one of the topper is the breakfast buffet, nearly brunch.  As a result, that  the visitor gets a  wide range of choice. After all this luxury star resort have to  please the many nationalities. Indeed, if you go to the Intercontinental in Murcia, take your time to enjoy it.

In sum, the InterContinental resort is a really oasis of tranquility and peace.
As you can see , on the photo, the outdoor pool is very large and with a beautiful view on the hotel.
Additionally , in the summer season, the terrace pool is also available. So you can nip your tasty cocktail in the pool.

InterContinental pool
InterContinental pool



Even if it is a high range hotel, it’s still a Spanish hotel.
The excellent staff nationality is Spanish leading to the level of English spoken is good. At the reception it is of a good level.

Golf Intercontinental Mar Menor Murcia
Golf Intercontinental


Business center .

In addition for the business people there are different meetings rooms with a capacity until 250 persons.

A business center is open from 7.00 to 23.00.




Golf Intercontinental Murcia

They  said that the golf at the golf courses of the InterContinental in Murcia is the best golf experiences in the region.
Because the Irm Golf experience is a designed by Nicklaus design-Golf Courses. This label stands for the highest design and quality standards in the Golf world.

The experience is not only at the InterContinental Murcia but also offers courses at the Mar Menor, La Torre , Saurines , El Valle and Alhama.
So this turns the region of Murcia into one of the best golf destinations of Europe.


This label stands for a  high level of service quality. But also for a high level of maintenance  of the golf courses.
This level reflects in the choice of the hotels with the same high standards. The intercontinental in Murcia.




How to get to the Intercontinental Murcia? 

Hotel InterContinental Mar Menor.
Calle Ceiba s/n.
30700 Torre Pacheco.


From the airport of San Javier Murcia.
It is a 15 minutes drive or 15 km.

First follow the highway A30 from Murcia to Cartagena.
Then, take the exit , when you get to a roundabout take the exit Jimenado, Torre Pacheco, Los Alcazares.
Next, at the next roundabout turn left toward the town of Alcazares.
At last, on your left you will see the entrance for the Intercontinental.

From Alicante airport to the Intercontinental.
it is an hour drive or 90 km.

First, take the highway AP 7 towards Cartagena .
Then, take the exit 790, Torre Pacheco, Los Alcazares.
Next, at the next roundabout take the right turn towards Torre Pacheco. Then on the third roundabout take the left turn.
At last,  continue straight ahead until you see the entrance of the Intercontinental at your left.

In addition, the hotel is reached by passing a guarded gate, which give you an instant feeling of luxury and safety.

The way to enter with the car, is to press the buzzer at the ticker machine. At that moment a picture is made from your car.  From now the car is in a controlled resort safer than every where else.  Then the barrier lifts and you can drive up the alley to the front of the resort. The view of the front is impressive.

To conclude ,your stay in in this hotel will be a superb experience.

 Tips for trips.

South of  InterContinental you can visit the nearby city of Cartagena with his old Roman theater.
East of the resort is  Murcia city with the famous Cathedral and enjoy the real Spanish life.