Internet and TV providers on Orihuela Costa

Internet and TV providers on Orihuela Costa.

For those who have a house or apartment on the Orihuela Costa, it is a bit of searching and considering.
What best suits and your needs for internet and television.

To be honest, in our early days, ten years ago, we were already happy to have a local bar or restaurant that had internet available for its customers.
You got the wifi code and you could connect with friends and family at home.

But now, of course, we want more than that.
Meanwhile, 4 G has been added, the connections are better.
Do we need our mobile phone for all our apps, for our streaming services, for our news gathering.
But also for our emails, our communication or to work.

The internet has now become an essential part of our daily lives.
We want to be connected to the world.
Even if you are on leave in Spain on the Orihuela Costa you want to stay connected.
Some also want television.
But also super fast internet connection.
Sometimes this is all in your rental property.
But sometimes, the owners don’t have internet which runs on an annual basis.
They compare whether the internet can be connected during the period that they stay there.

La-zenia Shopping boulevard
La-zenia Shopping boulevard

Internet and TV providers at Orihuela Costa What’s available

What services are there and what does it cost?
What speed is available.

Olé comunication

This has fiber internet.
You can have the television connected there.
But you also had to have your landline.
Or your cell phone.
Via their website you can fill in what you need and calculate your price yourself.

AVATEL Telecom

Also has all these options.
They have symmetric broadband with a data rate of 600 MB.
They also have a formula with high speed internet connection.
Currently you pay 100 euros installation costs and 25 euros per month.
You can temporarily stop the service for 5 euros. And then have it enabled again if you need it.


Is region bound. With its seat in San Miguel de Salinas.
The offer is the same . Fiber internet.
Measure a connection fee of 100 euros.
But here you can also pay for the days you actually need.
For example, a week will cost you 14 euros. Two weeks 22 euros.
38 euros for a whole month.
You pay in advance via the website. That means at least 48 hours before you want to have internet.
The internet will then be connected and automatically disconnected on the day you leave.
It is a handy formula.
But you have to go to the office to pay or pay through a Spanish bank account.
So not via paypal or your Visa card.

Internet and TV providers at Orihuela Costa : TV Horadada

Back to the same system.
Internet per day.
Here you can also request your internet for a few days in advance.
Simultaneously, this must also be done 48 hours before.
But here is the convenience that you can pay with pay pal.

And last but not least

It takes a while to find exactly what you want.
You can compare the prices on the websites, but you can also go to the offices.
They will certainly help you there. And look for the right formula.
The good thing about it is that they are all located nearby or around la Zenia Boulevard Shopping.

Internet and TV providers at Orihuela Costa
Internet and TV providers at Orihuela Costa