Life guards at Orihuela Costa

Life guards at Orihuela Costa are welcome .
The Orihuela Costa is a popular holiday destination.
What to do at the Orihuela Costa?
This service is important for the many family’s who like to swim in the blue Mediterranean Sea.

Once april , the countdown begins for the many services
So, every one should be in place , ready to receive the many tourist and locals at the beaches of Orihuela Costa.

Lifeguards at Orihuela Costa
Lifeguards at Orihuela Costa

At the same time there are 27 lifeguards at Orihuela Costa who are ready for the summer holiday.
After all, there are two lifeguards per beach. But also a service coordinator.
At the same time two health care technicians.
Not to mention also a jetski.

Duty time

The lifeguards at Orihuela Costa are on duty from the 1 of Juni till the end of september.

The Lifeguards are on eleven beaches. more especifique Punta Prima, Cala Mosca, Cala Estaca.

Also, Cala cerrada, Cala Bosque and Cala Capitan.
Furthermore : La Caleta , Aqua Marina beach, La Glea, Barranco Rubio and Mil Palmeras.

From 10:00 till 20:00.

From Mid September till the end of september it is only in the weekend.

Specialized Life guards at Orihuela Costa

Also, there is a specialized lifeguard who will operate at the bathing areas accessible for wheel chairs.

In detail, Cala Bosque, the beach of La Glea, Barranco Rubio and Cala Capitan beach.

Equally , this lifeguards have a training for using defibrillators.
Good to known.

Meanwhile the children on the beach can ask for a ID bracelets .
An bracelet with their name and the phone number of the parents.
So when the get lost, they can go to the lifeguard.

Furthermore , there is also an ambulance on duty

New lifeguards cabines have already been installed at the most beaches of the Orihuela Costa.

Also new beach bars accesible for persons with mobility problems

To end

The Lifeguards at Orihuela Costa are ready for the summer season.

You are welcome.