MARQ, in Alicante city

MARQ is one of the best archaeological Museum in Europe.
First, it is situated in the city of Alicante.

Even, National Geographic Magazine named it as one of the best museum in Spain last year.
Even more it was the best European Museum of the year in 2004.

Furthermore, the museum use the new technologie and modern techniques .
So visitors of all ages can enjoy the visit.

MARQ Alicante
MARQ Alicante

When you make a visit to the museum, you are travelling to time.
From the prehistory to the present.
Passing by the Romans, the Moors and the Catholics.
In fact, all with their culture, influence and traditions in Spain .

MARQ Alicante
MARQ Alicante

Today, the MARQ covers 9000 square meters .
With more than 80 000 pieces to show to the visitors .

Marq welcomes children.

Indeed, they put on all sort of activities for children.
In fact, there are moments of re-enactments.
Indeed, children and young of heart adore it.

People with a disabilities are welcome . There are all sort of accommodation for them.

Temporary exhibitions

Additionally , do not miss the temporary exhibitions.
Like we enjoyed very much the exhibitions : ” Iran, the cradle of civilizations”.

Iran Marq
Iran Marq

In this exhibition there were objects from the Archaeological Museum of Teheran .

Location MARQ

The Marq is located in the Plaza Docter Gomeze Ulla.
In a old hospital. Up a hill. So can see from there the old city of Alicante.

The entrance costs you 3 euro.

Opening hours

The museum is open from ten till two in the afternoon.

And in the evening from six till ten hours.
Indeed, we are in Spain . Time for a siesta ….
On Sunday and the bank holidays the MARQ is only open in the morning.

Last , closings day is the Monday.


Why not get away from the sun and the beaches.

Go visit this beautiful museum.

But there is is more to discover in Alicante.
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