Mil Palmeras

First, Mil Palmeras is the Costa Blanca most southern resort.
It is located in the beautiful Vega Baja area, a region in the Alicante Province.
Next, Mil Palmeras is a long away from the image of the Costa Blanca.
In fact, no skyscrapers, no party until dawn, no shopping malls.

Indeed, Mil Palmeras is the place to be for the diversity of their long beaches.
The best, the beaches are safe for family’s and children.


Mil Palmeras
Mil Palmeras

Side by side, Mil Palmeras and Pilar de Horadada has everything for a holiday.

In sum, mild sunny winters and  warm summers, a beautiful seafront and boulevard, a marina club, a golf course and cycling routes.

Even though, the town” Pilar de Horadada” is inland.  It is  connected to the beaches with a long boulevard with a very nice cycle lane and walking path.

In the past , Mil Palmeras , who is a part of Pilar de la Horadada, remount to the ancient Iberian days.
During the Roman days the place was strategical placed on the old trade route. In fact, this route is called the ” Via Augusta “.
On this trade route the travelers could stop to rest , and regain their forces before continuing their travel.
So, it was a part of the old route around the Mediterranean Sea to Rome.

Still, on the coast of the  Mediterranean sea you can admire watchtowers who where build in the 16th century.
They were built to defend the coast from foreigners attacks  and pirates.
One if the witness you can still see is the

Torre Mil Palmeras
Torre Mil Palmeras

Torre Horadada.
Indeed, this tower was also one of the rest place or for some the start place of the Camino de Santiago.
In the present, you can still ask for your stamp in the Tourist Office.

At the end of the boulevard at  the harbor,  for leisure boats. It has a good place with a selection of bars and restaurants .
We recommend to take  the reasonable prices” menu del dia” .
In fact, this Spanish menu of the day offers you a starter, a main dish and a dessert for 10 €. Mostly a drink and bread are included.
In particular, the region is known for his vegetables and the fruits. Ad in the kitchen the  seafood and fish and you get excellent local dishes.

Specifically, we did the long walk along the seafront promenade. And we enjoyed the fabulous white beaches of  Pilar and Mil Palmeras.

To the south,  is located the region of the Mar Menor with the salt lakes, flamingo’s and mud baths.

The beach of Mil Palmeras is also known as the winter beach. As a result, that the beach bars are open even in winter . And on a  sunny day,  we enjoyed a very good paella.

Besides, the town also organised a lot of outdoor free activities. This for young and old from September till May.
The climate is a Mediterranean sea climate. And very sunny winter days  with only a few days of rain. At the evening is, when the sun is gone it begins to feel colder.

The Rio Seco Natural trail walk.

The Rio Seco is the start  for a long walk  along the  usually dry riverbed.

This walks goes inland to Pinar de Campoverde, a little town 10 kilometers from the start at the coast .
The trails goes  to gorges with rocks from sandstone. The trail is a natural flora and fauna resort.

Rio Seco Mil Palmeras
Rio Seco Mil Palmeras

The  dry river  that receives water from leaks crops.
In large parts of the walking route, yellow sandstone walls have beautiful formations caused by erosion, showing shells  concentration.

Around the Rio Seco there are lemon trees and orange trees.
When we did the walk in April it was not to warm not to cold. The perfume of the flowers of the lemon trees was one of the things we will remember for ever.

Along the first part of the walk the riverbed is covered by reed beds that will lead the way. The sound of the wind in the reed, is very relaxing.

Nearby  Mil Palmeras.

There are many interesting places nearby. Such as Murcia city, the Mar Menor, the city of Cartagena and the city of Orihuela.