National holidays in Spain

National Holidays in Spain are nearly the same as in other European countries.
Like in the others counties , they are a mix of national, religious ( Catholic ) and regional influence .

But each region in Spain has also  public regional holidays.

So, if there is one thing to known : at the national holidays everything is closed.
Such as the bank, the post, the shops.
Even trains and busses have a different schedule of working.

Since the law of february 2018 there are no more exception on this closing day. Before there were in for example the Valencian Regio shopping centum open 365 days a year. Like the zenia Shopping Boulevard .


When are the National Holidays in Spain ?

1 january or Nuevo Ano

The spanish like to celebrate the exchange from the old year to the new year.
So at 1 january they can stay at home.

National Holidays in Spain
National Holidays in Spain

The 6 january or Los Reyes Magos

Three kings or is Spanish the ” Los reyes Magos”.
The Three kings , Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar , play  a same role as Santa Claus in other parts of Europe.
Before that date, the Spanish children write also a letter to the ” Reyes Magos” . So that the good men can bring then the gift they wanted.
The night before, the 5 january,  the children leave their shoes so that the Three Kings can fill them with the presents.

The best for the adults and the children is that there are huge parades held around all Spain. This parades are spectacles with sometimes more than hundreds of actors .
The Three Kings parades are even broadcast live on the Spanish national and regional television.
It is fun for every one  and the children try to catch the sweets thrown into the crowd.

National Holidays in Spain
National Holidays in Spain


 Good Friday

Good Friday is in 2018 on  the 30 march. It is the friday before Easter .
For the Spanish people Easter is the biggest religious  festival. The holy week or the “Semana Santa” means in some region a week of public holidays.
In the first place, it is a week of eating, drinking and lots of processions. The procession is the reenactments of the Passion.
But for the Spaniards it is the time to enjoy the company of their friends and families.


National Holidays in Spain
National Holidays in Spain
1 may

Labour day on the 1 may. This is a national holiday celebrating the achievements for workers .

5 august

Assumption of Mary. This is another day of in Spain.
The assumption of Mary is a national holiday, that celebrates the ascension of Mary , mother of Jesus, into haven.
Processions with images of the Virgin Mary and fireworks  mark the day.

12 october

Hispanic day is the National Day of Spain. On this historic day Christopher Columbus landed in the New World.
There are marching parades. The king of Spain and the leaders of Spain’s many autonomous regions take part in the celebrations.

1 november

All Saint day like everywhere in Europe. The day to remember the dead.


6 december

Constitution Day in Spain is a national holiday in honor of the  Royal constitution. The spanish Constitution is the basis for the law and the rules in Spain

8 december

Immaculate Conception day or the ” Dia de la Immaculada Conception”. It is known as the feats of the Catholic Church in Spain.
It is the day when catholics in the all world celebrate the ” miracolous conception” of the Mary the virgin.

25 december

Christmas Day is a national holiday, as all over the world.

To conclude.

Indeed, there is one thing  to remember: everything is closed .
in fact, public offices and schools are closed. Naturally the pblic transport runs on a holiday schedule what means reduces lines and times. Furthermore shops and commercials shopping centers are close.
Restaurants are mostly open.

But there are beautiful parades those days .