Olive Oil Lounge on tour in the airports of Europe

Olive Oil Lounge tour is an promotion campaign if the Spanish olive oil producers.
This campaign is with the support of the European Union.

Since the start of the tour, they have already visit Madrid Spain and Zaventem Brussels Belgium.
The focus is on interesting the million travelers of the world passing through the largest airports of Europe.

Healthy lifestyle

The Mediterranean dieet is a very healthy dieet with Spanish olive oil . So the Olive Oil Lounge focus on this healthy lifestyle with a slogan as” Let’s make the world tastier”.
Many tasty tapas are made with olive oil . Want to read more , See our web page “Tapas a part of the Spanish gastronomy.

Good to known is that the tour of the Olive Oil Lounge last three years.
Since the start they have already visit the largest airports of Spain.
More specifically : in Barcelona El Prat airport and in the Barajas airport of Madrid.
Also there was a area in the San Juan airport in Palma de Mallorca.
In Belgium, the lounge was in the Brussels airport.

Olive Oil Lounge
Olive Oil Lounge

Furthermore on their to visit list is Schiphol in Holland and Heathrow London in Engeland.

Good to known, is that Spain is one of the most important player on the market of Olive Oil.
The are nearly the leader for the production of high quality olive oil and also the distribution of the product .

The Olive Oil Lounge

Normally in the airports the lounge is only for the happy few.
But the Olive Oil lounge is a space for every one .
The travelers can come to see the different Olive Oils and taste it.
It is a very relax place with free wifi.
The accent is on a enjoining the olive oil. But the area is also designed to relax the travelers.
It is a meeting point for people from all over the world.
So that they can experience the full taste of Spanish Olive Oil in a relax atmosphere.

Meeting point when and where

In Heathrow London airport the Olive Oil Lounge is from January the 15 till februari the 15th .
And this every day from 11:00 am till 07:00 pm.

Furthermore in the airport of Schiphol Holland. From 3 of January till the end of January.
Every day from 11:00 till 19:00 hours. So, you are welcome in the Olive oil Lounge.
So, “Let’s make a tastier world!”