Posidonia a solution for the farms

Posidonia a solution for the farms at the Costa Blanca.
Strange ?

What is Posidonia .

Posidonia Oceanica is a seagrass. Also called Neptune gras like the god of the sea.
But Posidonia can only lives in the Mediterranean sea.
The sea is the natural habit of sea grass for more than ten thousands of years.
Good to known is that more than three percent of the sea is covered with the Posidonia.
Important the fiels of sea gras in Formentera and Iboza have been declared world heritage site since 1999.
It is important for the oxygen in the sea.

But also as a shelter place for fish and other water creatures.

Posidonia a solution for the farms

Dead posidonia or sea plants piles up after storms on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
Important is that it helps to prevent the coastal erosion in winter.

As already mention, seabed meadows are very important for the the sea.
It provides a shelter for fishes and different creatures.

They live in the posidonia fields. But posidonia is also very important against the carbon dioxide.
So the plant is the key against the fight of the climate change.

Posidonia a solution for the farms
Posidonia a solution for the farms

After the winter storms the dead plants wash up on the coast for instance of Orihuela Costa in huge piles.

When walking on the beach in the winter we did ask ourselves : Where is the seaweed ?
Again in the sea or under the sand on the beach ?

Posidonia a solution for the farms

But at the Alicante shores the uses it as a bedding for horses, cows, sheeps and lambs.
It is a perfect bedding for the farm animals .
It is also a natural source of iodine . Important as a antiseptic against cut and wounds.
Also , the salt of the seaweed composes very slowly. So it will not have spores like straw.
That is important for horses with dust allergies .
Important also is cost free and ecological.
With lorry loads they come to the beach and driver the posidonia to the stables and the farms nearby

History repeats itself

Hundred years ago, the farmers everywhere at the coasts of Europa did the same.

They would ride down to the shore to fill up the tractor with seaweed or grass for the same purpose.