Public buses to Corvera Airport

Public buses to Corvera airport Murcia from La Manga and Cartagena .

So, they are now connecting the most interesting touristic places in the region.

So since 2019 there is a connection with the Golf resorts of the region.
Also with the beautiful Mar Menor and Cartagena.
Furthermore with the Costa Calida and Mazarron and Aquillas.
And last but not least with the city of Murcia.

We tried to collect the time tables and the routes of the buses.

Corvera airport bus
Corvera airport bus

All the connection are done with the “Interbus”.
You can find this bus at the terminal in the airport of Corvera.

Public buses to Corvera Airport from La Manga and Cartagena .

First, the route starts at the main busstation in Cartagena.
Then at the Hotel in La Manga Club.
Further at the filling station ( Respsol ) on the Carrera de La Manga in Cabo de Palos.
Then at Hotel Los Delpfhines at La Manga del Mar Menor .
Also at Hotel Doblemar at La Manga del Mar Menor.

Public buses to Corvera Airport
Public buses to Corvera Airport

Price and duration of the ride

So, the ride take you one hour and five-teen minutes.
One way ride is start from five euro to ten euros.

Public buses to Corvera Airport
Public buses to Corvera Airport

Take care: public buses to Corvera

We are not responsable for the hours and the routes.
Because they can change, depending the season and the ( local) holidays.

Cartagena and the Mar Menor

Mar Menor and La Manga de Mar Menor are very popular winter destination for many tourist of West and North Europe.

Why ?
First excellent weather. Nearly 320 days of the year sun.
Many nice bars and restaurants . Where you can still eat a menu of the day between 10 euro and 15 euro. Good to knows: the meditrean food is one of the healthiest .
Furthermore , the azul blue Mediterranean Sea nearby.
Also good to known, Cartagena is a town with a long history. One of the witness is the Roman theater .
Read more about this beautiful harbor city on our page Cartagena .


Mar Menor is special because of his location.
Because, it is a little sea at the large Mediterraneans sea.
Read more about this wonder of the nature on Mar Menor .

Mar Menor
Mar Menor