Relleu is a typical Spanish town nearby the Costa Blanca.
The town is in the midlle of the mountains . But also nearby the sea.
The nearby towns are Alicante and Villayosoa .

Relleu is very popular for mountain walkers .
Since last year there is a elevated wooden walkway.
That leads you to a glass platform.
Overlooking the Old Relleu water reservoir and the mountains and a ravine .
In Spanish is it called the Pasarela del Panta de Relleu

The 200 meter long passenger way go along the side of the ravine .
This ravine leads to one of the oldest water reservoir in the region .
This water reservoir dates from the 1700 .
Already this water reservoir is worth a visit.

An nice walkway goes tot the Ravine walkway.
Relleu is well know by the Spanish people who like the mountains and the hills of the Sierra l ‘Aquillar.
But is a great unknown in the region for the many west Europeans tourist at the Costa Blanca.

Here you come to enjoy the calm and beauty of the country side .
As already mentioned the liveliness and towns from the Costa Blanca are nearby . Only a 15 kilometers drive away.
Such as Alicante and Villajoyosa.

Relleu walkway

This walkway or to the ravine walkway take between the almonds trees.
Pasarela del Panta de Relleu .
It is a part a 4, 5 kilometer Relleu reservoir walking route.
We did it in januari .

The walk was very beautiful. Often easy.
Some times more difficult . Especial the part to the Ravine .
But we did ring first to the tourist information to make the reservation for the Ravine walkway.
Also to be sure it was open . Because it was a very windy day.
At that moment it was open from 10 till 16 .

The price is 2, 50 euro person to walk on the wooden walkway and have an amazing breathe taking experience.

The Village

The Spanish residents are proud of their little village .
There are 1 400 habitants . With 600 expats who live her permanent.
The residents are very proud of the looks and history of their village in the mountain of the Sierra’s .