Ryanair Cabin Baggage Changes

After falling down of the list of the top 100 airlines, Michael O Leary apologized for his airline culture and promised that things would change. First of all  in the policy of ryanair cabin baggage..
Ryanair is a low cost  airline, with a strict minimum of passenger comfort and free  Cabin Baggage.

Current ryanair cabin baggage Size.

Because Ryanair charges fees  when your bag is to big,  most travelers try to fit all their luggage in their cabin baggage or their clothes.
To get most out of your cabin baggage,  you need to know the correct size and weight.
The size is 55x40x20cm . If your cabin baggage is too big , you will pay a fee.
The maximum weight off the trolley  is up to 10 kg.
If the cabin baggage is too heavy you will pay a fee.  We have warned you :p.

ryanair cabin baggage
ryanair cabin baggage

But changes  are coming in ryanair cabin baggage policy.
Among the changes that will be introduces will be a relaxation on the hand luggage restrictions
and the shopping bag in the tax free zone.
Ryanair will no longer penalize passengers who make a little mistake.
The big boss said that the airline  was evolved and will becoming more sophisticated.
Ryanair boss said that the bully tactics are history. That Ryanair will change to another culture and will improved the customer services.

New ryanair cabin baggage rules.

Improvement number one,  is a second small bag.
That means that from now  every  passenger will also be allowed to carry a second small bag such as a handbag or a duty free bag.
The size of this bag will be no bigger than 35 x 20 x 20 cm.
This size is about the size of a normal shoe box.

Improvement number two,  the print out of the boarding cards.
From now  the passenger can have a serious reduction to print a boarding card in Ryanair offices at the airport.
New is also that passengers booking on the Ryanair website, will be given a 24 hours period to correct any mistaken in the forms.

Improvement three, the silent flights .
Like on some long terms flights , there will be no advertising announcements before 8.00 and after 21.00.
The passengers will be able to sleep on the flights and the lights will be dimmed.
The only instructions will be for the safety of the flight.

So its more than only changing  ryanair cabin baggage politic.
That is all good news for the passengers, travelling with ryanair.