San Sebastian

First, San Sebastian is a beautiful city. It is located at the North coast of Spain.

San Sebastian Spain

Then, the town is well situated in a banana-shaped bay between two mountains.

At the top is a statue of Christ and ruins of the Castillo de Santa Cruz with old guns.
In front of the bay lays the island of Santa Clara.

Indeed, the majestic beach, one of Spain’s hidden treasures, is of fine sand and protected by the massifs.
After all, this hidden treasure  have a history of family resort but also of luxury.During the 19th century It was well known  by the elite.

Now, the most visited attractions in this city  is “Palacio de Miramar”.
First, the palace was designed by an English architect commissioned by the Spanish Royal Family.
Today the complex is owned by the city and is open for tourists.

Another place to visit is ” Plaza  de la Constitucion”. We loved the beautiful avenue with arcades and  houses with the balconies.

San Sebastian
San Sebastian

Close to the church is the ” Santa Maria del Coro” . The church has a baroque portal.


San Sebastian
San Sebastian

To be honest : food plays in a major role in the Basque culture .
In particular, many Basque are member of a gourmet club in San Sebastian.
Indeed, the members gather to cook, eat, drink and talk. As you can see, life is good in San Sebastian.
The best restaurants of Spain are located nearby San Sebastian.

Instead, our wallet was previously more adapted to t he many  tapas and pintxos bars.

Equally important, the bars are located in the old town ( caso antiguo ) of San Sebastian nearby the beach.

The different between tapas and pintxos ?

Naturally, tapas are commonplace like there are olives, cheese, ham, chorizo.
Instead, Pintxos  are more refined, are said to be the best of the Basque region.
After all, each bar consider it an honor to prepare the best, their own art pieces.

In brief, the old town is the place to be for locals as well for tourists.