Sand dunes of Guardamar

Sand dunes of Guardamar del Segura is an important attraction for the tourists.

Guardamar del Segura is a part of the Alicante region.
Furthermore, the city is a part of the beautiful sunny Costa Blanca.

Guardamar del Segura dunes
Sand dunes of Guardamar

Sand dunes of Guardamar

The sand dunes are a part of the natural park of Guardamar del segura.
Guardamar is is a nice city to visist. Read more about it on our page Guardamar del Segura .

But , the city is also well known for his prawns .

Langoustine week in Guardamar
Langoustine week in Guardamar

Back again to the dunes now.

First, they are importants as a spot where you can go walking as a leisure spot.
But the walk takes you between eucalyptus trees, meditrean pine tress and palm trees.

So this natural park is the habitat for many little animals and birds.
But is is also giant green park as a lung for the city.

The saver of the city Guardamar

Indeed , this natural park saves the city from the dunes.

Guardamar del Segura
Guardamar del Segura

Without protection, the dunes are moving every year.

In the past, during one year they did move eight meter .
Why ? Because of the sea wind the sea currents.
But also the movements of the continental plates.
Did you now that each year, there are little earth quakes and sea quakes in this part of Spain .

In the past by the end of the 19 de century the sand dunes has become a danger for Guardamar.
So, the town did ask at the forestry engineer, to stop the sand dunes to invade the town. A nice challenge against nature.

Indeed, this clever engineer Francisco Mira had a plan. A part of the plan was planting Mediterranean pine trees and bushes in rows in the dunes.

As a result, Senor Mira did plant 600 000 trees on nearly 9 kilometer dunes.
Besides, the town built 8 kilometers walking paths in the natural park.
In fact, the beach and the sea where linked together by this paths .

To conclude

That why today, you can enjoy at Guardamar the beautiful dunes at the coastline.
Side by side, with the natural park of pine trees and the palm trees.