Sevillanas fair in Torrevieja

Sevillanas fair in Torrevieja at the Costa Blanca is a fair of music, dancing,eating and drinking Andalusian style.

The popular annual event in Torrevieja is always the last week of May.
It starts on Wednesday. With a splendid firework.
And it end on Sunday with a large main events on the central stage.

Sevillanas fair in Torrevieja
Sevillanas fair in Torrevieja

on the event , many people men and women are dressed in their Andalusian clothes. They are ready to sing and dance the night way.

Of course is the music Andalusian music.

Eating and drinking at the sevillanas in Torrevieja

In the different tent nearby the harbor you can eat the famous paella.
There are made when you are watching the events.

Sevillanas at Torrevieja

You can be sure there is plenty of food and drinks at the fair.

In the different tent of casetas in Spain , there are all sort of activities. For instance : dance performance, classes to learn the flamenco, guitar players…

but there are also performances in the tent or on the main stage.

So for instance you can see and hear famous flamenco singers.

On Saturday the Sevillanas starts at the Inmaculada Concepcion church.
There is al celebration and blessing. This year it was with a choir, the choir of the Casa de Andalucia.

After the Catholic celebration , there is a parade.

the parade starts at 13:00 at the plaza de la Constitucion.
With horse carriages, horses and choirs.

Sevillanas fair in Torrevieja

Furthermore at the fair there is a horse and carriage exhibition.

On Sunday the parade with the horses and the carriages are at noon.

In the evening there is ending event at the main stage.

Where is the Sevillanas at Torrevieja ?

Behind the hippy market at the end of the beautiful boulevard.

To end

When you are in Torrevieja or Orihuela Costa it is nice to come to the Andalusian fair.
There is plenty things to be happy. For instance : dancing, singing, eating or drinking. Enjoy live.

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