Smart Palm at the Costa Blanca

Smart palm appears at the Costa Blanca.

Smart palm
Smart palm

First, what is a smart palm ?
That is not a new species of green palm tree producing dates. .
No, it is a charging post for mobiles and laptops.
It is already in use around Dubai.
The fronds of the Smart Palm are solar panels. So the sun ‘s energy will you allow to charge not only your energy but also the energy of your mobile.

In Dubai, the six meter Smart palms is good for 7 kilowatt-hours per day.

Smart palm
Smart palm

Since, 2015 this smart palms are installed in Dubai  at their famous beaches and parks.
The smart palms are also a wi-fi hotspot.
Furthermore, they uses also with a touch screen panel as a information center.
So, as a tourist you gave the local information about things to do and the weather.

In the future, the smart palms will have ATM machines (bank).
As, the palm trees are on the beach , there are made from a sort of fiber plastic and concrete.

To resits at the sun and the salt of the Mediterranean Sea

All in all , this initiative is a step into a greener world.

Smart  palm at the Costa Blanca

At the Costa Blanca  the department of Valencia will install two charging stations for phones and tables. More specifically in Torrevieja and Santa Pola. Interested in  those two towns? Read more about Torrevieja and Santa Pola on our pages.

In the future, there will be other  town and city who will follow this example. In particular Gandia, Becassil, Peniscola and Cullera. So on their beautiful beaches , you will find another sort of palm tree.

As you can see, you will can charge your mobile and this all for free.
In the future, they will use the example of Dubai.  The smart palms will also serve as a tool for tourist information. All this to increase the quality and the services to you and me as a tourist

To conclude

In fact, till now we did take our battery pack with us when we went to the beach.
Now, we will recharge our mobiles at the beaches at the “palm tree”.


Smart palm
Smart palm







After all it is a better service  to the many tourist of the Costa Blanca.
And the famous  palm trees at the beaches , will have a ” new” nephew .
A electronic nephew, who take this beautiful coastline into a greener future.