Spa at the Costa Blanca

A visit to a Spa at the Costa Blanca is a total relaxation. It is also an experience enjoyed by man and woman.
When you are on holiday at the Costa Blanca book yourself a Spa en enjoy to be pampered.
A Spa is taking time out.
Indeed take time for yourself in one of the Spa’s at the Costa Blanca.

Spa at the Costa Blanca
Spa at the Costa Blanca

To sum up  jacuzzi, heated indoor pools,massage baths, saunas, aromatherapy showers, whirlpools, and other pampering on the circuit.

Enjoy the thermal waters of Archena of the heated sea water in San Pedro de Pinitar.

Spa in the Costa Blanca : Balneario de Archena.

One of our favorites is the Balneario de Archena. It is located in the region of Murcia. So a little drive away from the coast of the Costa Blanca.
First of all the Spa is located in an area with superb temperatures, enough rainfall and humidity.
The area is a place to relax and recover and heal.
The customers  come to enjoy the  healthy climate, the spa and the professional care.
Second the Balneario de Archena is located in the Valley of Ricote. This valley has amazing  views, legends and history. While  sipping a relaxing tea you can enjoy the amazing landscapes.
At the “Valley of Ricote” there are museums and culture centers.
The Segura River give live to the Valley. It passes trough the site creating as it passes the fertile orchards of vegetables and fruits . We loved the  lemon and  orange trees.  The smell of the little white flowers, is amazing.
Even if you are not going to the Spa,  there are lots of things to do.

The water of the “Rio Segura” river represents the unique character of the Valley.

 The mineral medical water of the Spa at the Costa Blanca.

In the past , the water of the Spa was declared already in 1869 as an excellent natural remedy for physical conditions. Indeed it helps to recover your totally well-being.
As a result that the Spa of “Balneario de Archena” is recognized throughout years by doctors.  In fact  the doctors prescribe visits to the Spa as a cure .
For instants if you want to come to the  “Balneario de Archena” one of the best  Spa’s at the Costa Blanca,  you can enjoy a stay in one of the hotels.

Spa at the Costa Blanca
Spa at the Costa Blanca

In addition the Spa also offers the possibility of the thermal treatments as a day Spa.
in other words you can benefit the well-being of the water with an entrance for a day. Indeed a wealthy day.
Even if you come alone of with a group you are well come.
There are two  thermal pools , one outside and one inside. As a customer you can  take a  relaxing swim surrounded by the mountains and nature. As a day customer  you can also enjoy the pleasure of the  hydro thermal services.  To sum up the Jacuzzi , the water-bed, the waterfalls, the lumbar jets and  the cervical jets .
For the children, yes they are accepted,  there is a children pool where  they can have fun.

In the Spa there are different bar and healthy restaurants.
In addition there are several thermal treatment areas.

History of the “Balneario de Archena”.

The spa of the Valley of Ricote is possibly one of the most historic Spas.  In the past the Iberian’s settled in Archena . This go back to the 5th century. as they were the first to use the springs in the region of Murcia.
Then the Romans discovered the hot springs and they decided to build a thermal complex, a roman bath.

How to get there and prices.

Coming from Murcia follow the A 30 direction Archena.

The opening hours 
From Monday to Sunday from 10:00 till 24:00.
Monday to Friday 
Adults 14 €
children 8 €
Nighttime from 21.00  8 €
From Saturday Sunday and long weekends 
Adults 20 €
Children 10 €
Nighttime 13 €

Balnea Thermal Circuit. 
Opening hours.
From Monday till Sunday  from 11.00 till 21.00
Prices for the circuit.
Monday till Friday         25 €
Saturday Sunday and long weekends  35 €.

Equally important take your swim wear, swimming cap and flip-flop with you.
Indeed they are necessary in all Spanish Spas.

In short the Balneario de Archena is a real thermal paradise. It is a place a little further from the Costa Blanca, bus it is a paradise to discover. Again to enjoy  health  and well being and nature.

Coming soon 

Naturally the Spa Thalassa at San Pedro Del Pinitar.