St Patrick’s day at the Costa Blanca

St Patrick’s day is a celebration of the Irish culture all over the world.
So the sunny part of Spain is no exception.
More specific it is on March 17.
But St Patrick’s day is a global celebration. Indeed also at the Costa Blanca.

St Patrick's day Cabo Roig
St Patrick’s day Cabo Roig

At this day in particular, the Irish people remembers one of Ireland patron saints.
In the past, Saint Patrick brought the Christianity in Ireland during the 5th century.

All over the world the feast of St Patrick’s day

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world.
Of course, especially by Irish communities and organizations.
Many immigrants from Ireland fled to other parts of the world in the 19 Th century.
To sum up: United states, Australia or Canada.

St Patricks day
St Patricks day

But to be  honest St Patrick Day is very commercial in the 21st century.
Some call it even ” Guinness” day. The famous brand of beer from Ireland.

Green Ireland.

So, many people wear an item of green clothing on the day.

When you wear green on this day it will bring you luck .
In Ireland it is a day off. And children can eat sweats in all sort of green colors. While adults can enjoy a pint of ( green ) Irish beer.
Very popular is also  a good glass of  Guinness.
There are many pubs and restaurants who offers Irish food and drink.
To sum up: Irish stew, Irish corned beef with cabbage, Beef and Guinness pie, Irish coffee, Irish potato champ,…..

Holiday on St Patrick’s day

Once again, St Patrick day is a bank holiday  in Ireland.
But it is also a occasion in many parts of the world to celebrate the Irish culture.
So, the parades are a nice part of it.  Therefore streets can be closed for the parade.
So also in Cabo Roig at the Costa Blanca. There are even here in the sun problems for parking.

St Patrick's day Cabo Roig Cabo Roig Parade
St Patrick’s day Cabo Roig Cabo Roig Parade

History of St Patrick’s day

As already said, St Patrick is one of the patron Saints of Ireland.
The day of the celebration is the day he died.
He grew up in England, the Roman Britain. But was held in capture by  Irish raiders and brought to Ireland as a slave.
In the past, he became a missionary and worked in Ireland.

Only in the 16th century St Patrick Day became a feast day in the Catholic Church of Ireland.

St Patrick’s day at the Costa Blanca

At the Costa Blanca Cabo Roig is very famous for it St Patrick’s day.
Furthermore ,  Cabo Roig is a part of the Orihuela Costa.
So each year Cabo Roig is preparing to turn green, white and orange .

St Patrick's day
St Patrick’s day

Every year the event is expecting over 10 000 people . This is one of the largest celebrations in Europe, after Ireland of course.
All sort of activities start after noon, at 15.00 h. This activities are music, entertainment and of course a o parade.
Fir instance, the parade is a procession of classic cars and motor bikes, prior St Patrick himself, and bands ( Irish and many others).
Furthermore  dance schools, all kind of local clubs and associations. It is a mix of carnival and parade.
Sure, providing entertainment for the visitors along the Cabo Roig strip.
For the three best floats there are award and money to win . The first prize is 500 €, the second is 300 € and the third 200 €.

The shamrock

Important , the shamrock is the most common symbol of St Patrick day.
Most people wear green at St Patrick day.
Also, the flag of Ireland is seen around the world.
On other symbol is the harp. And of course the leprechaun.

So to conclude, St Patrick day is a feast all over the world not only for the Irish. But for every one who can admire a parade a good pint of beer and many joyfully people.